Reduce women harassment to ensure their empowerment

The culprits consider themselves safe, and commit such crimes again and again. We urge the authorities not only to punish the culprits who took part in such heinous crimes but also want to finish such biased, brutal and wild decisions against women. The justice system should take proactive steps on such issues to control the brutal acts in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is also the responsibility of every patriotic citizen to condemn such type of dreadful crimes. Also, those women’s who have been abused, harassed, raped do not know what to do, which actions to take, how to punish those people who disrespected them they are not aware of their rights which creates the problem that the culprits are not even known and these type of bad acts increases .We being the male, who are considered to be the superior race should take care of the dignity, honor and respect of females The appointment of Benazir Bhutto as the first woman Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1988 opened the door for females to struggle for their rights. It gave females a new vision, strength, and courage to face the society. The appointment of Fehmida Mirza as the speaker of National Assembly, the appointment of Asma Jahangir as the woman President of the Pakistan Bar Council, also the appointment of Hina Rabbani Khar as the first youngest woman foreign Minister of Pakistan, showed that females are confident enough and if they are given chance they can bring change in our society. Therefore, females should be given proper rights. At the end I would suggest that all women like to be appreciated and treated with respect and kindness, government should take serious actions against brutal acts of those who violate the rights of women’s and women’s must educate themselves about their rights so and so they will be empowered and make their own decisions and then the ratio of harassments will gradually decrease. Mehboob Hussain Khan, University of Karachi.]]>

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