Chitral's Maulana Azad not ready to leave the field


  • Report SN Peerzada BOONI, April 8: Maulana Abdul Qadir Azad belongs to a village in the Mulkhow tehsil of upper Chitral. He has the distinction of contesting elections for the provincial assembly seat as an independent candidate for three times. Mowlana Azad copyNow the maulana has decided to jump into the foray for the local government elections to be held on may 30. Maulana Abdul Qadir is very much impressed by the personality of 20th century Indian politician Abul Kalam Azad but says politics is the other name of hypocrisy. He also mourns the level of ignorance among the nation. Giving an example, he says that during the previous general elections, he was allotted stag as the election symbol. Another candidate, Asma Mehmood, was given the symbol of deer. But the maulana claims that as many as 917 of his supporters failed to differentiate between his election symbol and that of Ms Asma and cast their votes in favour of the woman candidate.
    “Until the nation gains awareness and the politics of hypocrisy ends, I will be contesting elections. I have declared myself as a candidate till the Day of Judgment.
    The maulana also said his mission was to create awareness among the people about their rights. He said he would continue his struggle irrespective of the allegations being leveled by religious leaders who have been doing the politics of self interests.
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