A bold voice for women rights

BOONI: When it comes to determination and a will to do something for the downtrodden, it does not need resources – or for that matter high quality education. Husul BegumHusul Begum popularly known as Councillor Kai, the president of the APML women wing subdivision Mastuj, is an example of such a dedication. From 2001 to 2007, Kai remained member of the District Council and from 2007 to 2012 member of the Tehsil Council Mastuj. During this period, she got approved women welfare projects in upper Chitral worth millions of rupees. Despite being uneducated, Kai raised a strong voice for women rights at different forums. Besides taking part in active politics, she also remained a member of the local reconciliatory board for three years resolving different issues among the people. For five years, Kai was the member of BLSO and for the last one year has been working for the women rights under the banner of Awaz Forum. Today, this widow and poor woman from Booni ekes out a living for her family by running a small ladies shop in Booni. Talking to ChitralToday, Councillor Kai said when she started taking part in politics, there were lots of problems for women as education was not common and there were resource constraints.

Now, thank God, women in upper Chitral are highly educated and excelling in almost all fields of life and they should also take part in politics to get their voice heard.
She said when an uneducated woman can do that much, today’s educated women should have no difficulty in protecting their rights and raising a voice for others. Kai said the district leadership of the APML, including the MNA, never approached her for the last many years, adding the party was losing popularity in Chitral despite the fact that the local people loved Pervez Musharraf, the head of the party. She claimed that PTI Chitral president Abdul Latif and other leaders repeatedly asked her to join their party but as she was a fan of Musharraf, she can even never think of quitting his party. Councillor Kai expressed the hope that during the forthcoming local government elections, she would win a seat with a thumping majority and continue serving the people, especially women, of upper Chitral.]]>

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