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Schools given deadline for security arrangements

BOONI, March 24: The security advisory committee of the Mastuj subdivision, headed by AC Minhas Uddin, visited 320 schools, out of a total 362 in upper Chitral, and found that only 10 of them have made full security arrangements. minhasThe committee issued no-objection certificates (NOC) to them and warned the remaining 310 schools to put in place the needed security within 15 days as directed by the DPO Chitral. After the expiry of the 15-day deadline, FIR will be lodged against the head of schools, while the SDEO male and DEO female would also be punished leading to a year’s imprisonment. Under the security arrangements, the institutes are bound to install security cameras, hire trained peons/security guards equipped with weapons, set up bunkers and construct boundary walls of a certain height. It may be noted that out of the total 25 AKES schools, only one – AKHSS Kuragh – has been given the NOC after it made all the security measures. The security arrangements have been made mandatory for the institutions after the Dec 16, 2014, attack on the army public school in Peshawar.–SN Peerzada]]>

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  1. Shahid says

    Mr. AC Mastuj this is your responsibility to provide security equipment and this is your duty to facilitate principals.

  2. Asif Ali Khan says

    It is quite interesting to see the orders of the assistant commissioner, Mastuj. He has vowed stern action against the government schools but numerous private school run by a good number of parashooter-educationists, a good number of them operating right under his nose inside Booni are prone to security risks. I am sure the tehsil admin will treat them equally.

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