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  1. Wali Shabana says

    NAILA, OUR LITTLE PRINCESS LEFT US I have seen the spring sending the message of its arrival through the tunes of bird’s melody or the atto of perfumed blossoms of trees, but this time it behaved strangely. Each blow of wind sent by it showed disparaging behavior.
    The earth which used to cast off the garments of winter with the arrival of spring is not ready to accept the new strategy which it opted. Each year the spring used to gift the earth with the aromatic colourful flowers, but this time it destroyed the beauty of earth’s garden. The queen of the lilies which after a great struggle of nourishment was yet to be on the throne has been disrobed.
    Naila, the princess of our little kingdom left us flooding our eyes with tears and heart with sorrow. The spring turned to us autumn and the joys of life flew far over the mountains. We love you lily, the only thing which we can do for you is to pray for the peace of your soul. You will always be in our hearts and prayers.
    May Almighty Allah bestow your soul with His Blessings in the shape of jannah. May your soul rest in peace.

  2. sahibzada Dubai says


  3. Khush Muhammad Khan says

    Really tragic. May Allah bless both the departed souls with eternal peace. May Allah give enough courage and strength to Shah Younus sahib,all the relatives and friends to bear this irreparable loss (Ameen).

  4. Wahid Khan says

    This takes immense power to write about this tragic incident sir. Thank you so much. We all are going through the grief equally for the loss of such a great person in such an early age. She had to live longer… A lot longer. After all this is what we are about: unpredictable and very temporary. She lives in our hearts. In her rememberence, a request to all drivers to not take any more lives and to everyone else to be really careful cuz people wouldn’t value your life. May Allah give her soul the eternal peace and her family and friends the patience to deal with the loss. Ameen.

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