MIER launches Khowar calendar for Bahmani year

CHITRAL, March 21: The Mother-tongue Institute for Education and Research (MIER) Chitral launched a Khowar calendar for Bahmani year 1401 (2015-16) at the District Town Hall here on Saturday.

The event was marked by enthusiastic participation of literary personalities, researchers, youth and students. Shahzada Tanvir ul Mulk, President Anjuman Taraqqi Khowar Chitral presided over the event while Mr. Ghulam Muhammad, retired Station Director Radio Pakistan Peshawar was chief guest on the occasion.

Those who presented papers were: Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, Gul Murad Khan Hasrat, Maula Nigah Nigah, Farid Ahmad Raza and Zahoor ul Haq Danish. The present calendar is Khowar’s third and MIER’s second calendar, since the organization published the first Khowar calendar in 2013. However the present calendar has been published after a yearlong thorough research into the task, with a view to publish Chitral’s own cultural calendar.

The present calendar, which has been published with the consensus of Chitral’s known researchers, literary personalities and opinion leaders, with the following features added to it, can be safely called Chitral’s Cultural Calendar: Chitral’s own system of year has been introduced, starting from Bahman Khowistani; and the year has been named as Bahmani year.

Chitral’s Bahmani year starts on 21st March, the day when vernal equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere of world, and Nowroz is celebrated in more regions lying in this hemisphere. Pencil sketches along with brief Khowar and English introductory accounts of the founders of four dynasties, who have ruled Chitral in the known history, have been included.

It is worth mentioning that MIER strives to preserve and promote the different manifestations and Chitral’s culture. The calendar undertaking was aimed to revive and promote Chitral’s traditional oral calendar, which quite surprisingly starts on the vernal equinox 21st March, when Nowroz is celebrated in most regions lying in the northern hemisphere. Moreover MIER, through this calendar, also aims to reintroduce the cultural cum regional festival Nowroz, and bring it back into practice regardless of religious, sectarian and ethnic affiliations.

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  1. The people who worked on it need our appreciation,I hope it will contribute towards preserving elements of our culture in the coming future.

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