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Two women die in road accident

PESHAWAR, March 20: Two Chitrali women died in a traffic accident in Peshawar on Friday. Reports said the deceased women belonged to Warijun, Mulkhow. They were crossing a road at Haji Camp when a transport vehicle hit them. One of the deceased was a third-year student. She was the daughter of Shah Younis of Mulkhow, who is settled in Booni. The other woman was Shah Younis’ sister-in-law.–SN Peerzada Kamran Wali Khan adds: After the tragic accident, the residents of Amin Colony protested against the traffic system and blocked the G.T. Road and service road for three hours. Police along with a KP minister arrived on the spot and promised to make flyover on the road so that such tragic incidents did not occur in future.]]>

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