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Milky Way is an internationally acclaimed youth led social movement of Pakistan’s youth which has been nominated by United Nations (UNDP) for N-Peace Award in 2014 on account of its services to the youth and society since 2010. membership campaignIt aimsto engage “Today’s youth for Tomorrow’s Youth” through their skills, knowledge, time and monetary help. Milky Way stands for education for all, gender equality, cultural, religious and sectarian harmony, democracy, human rights, Peace and promoting civic engagement among youth in the society. Currently, it is supporting 130 (80 Girls and 50 Boys) talented students to continue their studies, running a Montessori academy “Milky Way Academy” and numerous community libraries along with launching advocacy campaigns in above 80 villages of Pakistan with the help of its dynamic team of scholars and university ambassadors. In a year of 5 years Milky Way is now aims to become a global youth movement through its ambassadors in many countries around the world. We proudly invite the youth to join Pakistan’s Leading youth led Movement “Milky Way” as its members to help us launch advocacy campaigns in their villages, town and cities as we believe in unity, and find the solutions of our issues through our collaborative efforts.We are looking for 1. Socially active and academically and intellectually strong members who are 15 years or above and below 30 years. 2. Social activists who are adding value to other’s lives. 3. Individuals who stand for humanity regardless of any prejudice in any aspect. 4. Individuals who are willing and striving to solve the issues of their villages or cities through collaborative efforts. As a member of Milky Way YOU will get benefit in the following ways along with serving your village or city. 1. You will receive information regarding opportunities nationally and globally like academic and cultural youth exchange programs, conferences, awards and seminars. 2. You will be given reference letters and experience certificates for professional and academic purposes. 3. You will represent Milky Way on National and International Media. 4. You will be linked to the global youth through Milky Way and would be able to form a world view on issues confronting the world today. 5. The most active members in each village or city will receive awards and appreciation certificates. 6. You will thrive in an intellectually sound environment of talented youth activists and expert professionals in diverse fields. 7. You will be able to get carrier counseling and exposure to all the universities of Pakistan and abroad through our university and global ambassadors. The members will help Team Milky Way to addresssocial issues in their villages, town and cities regarding but not limited to education, health, environment, youth, peace and conflict, democracy, human rights, cultural religious and sectarian harmony in the following ways: 1. Arranging sessions in public and private schools and colleges. 2. Organizing meetings with youth, community leaders, political and religious leaders. 3. Launching door to door campaigns, corner meetings, focus group discussions and interviews. 4. Celebrating international days like mother, children and youth day. 5. Promoting civic engagement and social activism among youth. 6. Launching plantation and conservation of forests campaigns. 7. Launching advocacy campaigns for a neat and clean environment. 8. Launching advocacy campaigns for religious, sectarian, ethnic and cultural harmony. So, if you want to become a part of a global youth movement, realize your role as youth for your community, believe in yourself as a leader and have the passion to serve tomorrow’s youth then join us to be one and lead the youth for a social change.]]>

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