Fear and joy around the lake

RESHUN, March 8: The water level at the artificial lake formed on river Chitral at Reshun is increasing day by day, creating fear and panic among the people living downstream. reshun1But the residents of Reshun and Shogram and its adjoining areas have got an opportunity in the artificial lake to hunt down migratory birds, especially ducks. However, so far none of them have succeeded to catch any bird. A visit to the lake by ChitralToday correspondent showed a large number of people encamped on both the Reshun and Shogram sides of the lake carrying their guns. But they said so far they had not been able to shoot any duck as the water was too deep and the lake too stretched away. reshun2“About 20 to 25 flocks of ducks land on the lake every day and sit in the middle of the water where our guns cannot hit them,” said one of the hunters. He said a few people had hunted the ducks but could not retrieve them from the water. Even hunting dogs are unable to go into the water and take out the hunted birds, they added. A large number of people were also seen visiting the artificial lake. Transport vehicles on the Chitral-Mastuj road also stopped by giving a chance to the passengers to look at the artificial lake.   reshun]]>

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