Wheel-jam strike and the poor man

It is strange that nobody cares for the daily wage workers who form a sizeable population of the Chitral town and surrounding areas, they suffer greatly due to this strike. These poor but hardworking peoples toil all day for meager income to keep their family alive. Now anyone can call a strike as it is very simple. Publish some advertise and send some guys to force shopkeepers to close their shops. In such a situation just to cash the opportunity the transporter also join them. ‘Shopkeepers and transporters who form the biggest mafia of Chitral. The transporter operate a service which is not fit even for animals to use and charged high fare instead come down the fuel charges 50%, join in the strike to safeguard their interest and shopkeeper is prowling the community from both hand and they also don’t have any care about poor community. A large number of helpless patients in DHQ hospital also suffered without anybody, specially the business forum representatives who called for the strikes, bothering about them. As authorities look at the suffering of the common man as silent spectators, one can only look towards courts to come to the rescue of the daily wage workers and the sick. They should ask the forum calling the strike to deposit a nominal sum as compensation for distribution among those who suffer loss of earning or disruption in health care. Imad Uddin Torkhow]]>

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  1. This bazar president in the past also asked for shutter down strikes many times including historic seven day strike four years back, but at the end called it off by giving his ‘wuk’ (mandate) to shahzada Mohiuddin the then MNA, resulting in nothing. He does not give personal sacrifice, has never been to jail, only wastes the poor peoples sacrifice at the end by obliging some big shot.

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