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We want peace

Due to terrorism, students can’t attends their school they remain at depression that what is going to happen now. Terrorists are trying to terrorize the student by bomb blasting like in Peshawar Army School where they killed more than 150 future leaders of Pakistan. The students of Pakistan are brave. They are ready to fight with these terrorists but there is a little bit difference between our and their weapons. Terrorists are using different guns and bombs while we are trying to defeat them by papers and a pen. And it is the truth that at every stage pen gets the success and gun goes down. Being educated we are alive and terrorists are uneducated they dies as Aristotle says that “the educated differ from uneducated as much as the living differ from the dies.” Political parties and political leaders of Pakistan should encourage one another in every aspect but they are not doing these things, what they are doing instead of working with each other they are working against each other which is the main reason of not developing. In every program in every speech they are trying to tease each other and try to find out faults in each other instead of helping each other to overcome the problems. They are increasing the problems for each other at that time other countries take benefit of this to depress Pakistan. Such as India attacks on the border of Pakistan to increase the pressure to the security forces of Pakistan and in the other hand terrorists attacks which makes the situation out of control then there is no safety for the lives and wealth of the poor citizens. Now a hope arise that political parties and leaders come under one umbrella to fight against terrorism and to promote education and peace in Pakistan. If it remained the day is not far that Pakistan overcome on terrorism and other crisis and so that we will defeat over enemies and become a strong nation among the nations of the world. it is a kind of suggestion to the government and leaders of Pakistan that if one political party wins the election other parties should help and work with them that what we should do something for the increasing in prices, terrorism and other issues of Pakistan instead of speaking against each other if the political parties do this at that time we can control over each and every crisis in Pakistan. After that we can find a brightening and shinning Pakistan like the stars in the sky in future. Ruedad Haider, a resident of Madaklasht, is a class 10th student at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral.]]>

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  1. Dr Sher Nawaz says

    Agreed with your suggestions, we hope our leaders may learn from the past incidents although it seems very difficult but not impossible

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