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How I met my HEART!!!

By Shabana Wali The sun went down withdrawing its rays from the Earth in order to spread the dark carpet of night for the tired ones to have some rest. After a great endeavor of fighting against the inane rules of self-made laws my spirit departed the hollow buildings of cells, thought for a while and decided to start the journey to meet the melancholy Heart for illuminating that with the torch of happiness at any cost. I ventured to walk on the tortuous path being ready for facing any sort of tribulation which would come in my way. I entered into my opened mouth and what I saw was enough to snatch all of my senses, but I had to meet my Heart at any cost. The sharp teeth were ready enough to tear off the thing to be eaten. I walked on the granular surface of the tongue meeting the taste buds busy with identifying the incoming food. I rushed into the throat due to apprehension of being crushed by the sharp teeth. I went down but found the way to stomach closed so that I waited there till the food came. I rushed along the food to go down by the peristaltic movement of the food pipe. Suddenly I trudged but soon I controlled myself from being the prey of the ocean of HCL, but the food particles promised me to take me out of the ocean and they did so. I entered into small intestine where I met enzymes coming from liver and pancreas. Along with digested food I passed through the intestine wall and entered into the blood vessel. I was about to faint by observing the rapidly moving blood, which used to seem red liquid contained such a diverse components. Heamoglobins, like the big trucks were carrying Oxygen and carbon di oxides while WBCs were busy with keeping watch on what was entering into the blood stream. I hid myself behind Fibrinogen but a giant phagocyte with opened mouth approached to engulf me. I assured him that I was not any antigen rather I was a visitor of the microcosm. He thought for a while nodding his head, then he stopped one of the carrier proteins and asked her to carry me to the Heart. I offered bundle of thanks for his service and rode on the protein on the way to my Heart. After a while I stepped out of the protein and walked on the smooth surface of the cardiac muscle rather than going inside the Heart. I was shocked to see that the Heart which demands much more for her happiness was not more than a fist. I looked for the engine so that more fuel I could offer so for to make her pleased. I forced myself to look for the injury which always gives the sensation of pain in my chest. But neither I found any engine nor any sort of wound to be healed. My Heart laughed at my stupidity and asked me the purpose of my visit. I sat on the Arch of Aorta keenly observing that how deep was my Heart’s mystery. I met her in order to offer the crowns of kings and the thrones of angels so that eternal pleasure could embrace my soul which was quivering around money and fame so as to make it happy. I continued to look at her expecting a grand demand of wealth for a single moment of happiness until I felt that time has ceased. I could feel her cold, trembling hands holding mine. I woke from my thoughts hearing her saying quietly, let not the dark ghost of greed snatch the throne of your kingdom, sing not the songs of your wealth for that will lead you to the hell of plights, and find not the pleasure of mine in the lake of wines and champions which I had lost in the rivulets of tears flooding from the dejected eyes of the suffered ones. Serve everyone as I serve you whether you are loaded with jewels or having not a single teddy to extinguish the fire of your desires. I closed my eyes, ashamed of my own Heart who was demanding from me not for bank balances and sacs of jewels rather only for a moment of thinking of for which purpose have I been created? She made me perplexed by saying that if wealth would be that much powerful than why didn’t it escape Qarun from being the prey of the dark abyss? Why people deserve for eternal peace while living in incandescent buildings while some get that without any cost sitting on the footpaths. I promised my Heart not to search for happiness in the treasure of emperors rather to search it in the pleasure of a common man. And with the determination that I will aware my fellows of the demands of their Hearts I left the wonderful Microcosm, sighting the Macrocosm once again but at least not through the spectacles of greed.]]>

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