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PTI govt warned against launching housing project at Qaqlasht

BOONI, Feb 24: The Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam Upper Chitral here on Monday said the KP government was planning to occupy the public grazing area of Qaqlasht in the name of launching a housing scheme. awam copyTalking to ChitralToday here, Tehreek president Sarfaraz Ali khan, vice president Rehmat Salam and information secretary Muhammad Pervez said the people of three tehsils in upper Chitral would not allow the government to dole out the grazing ground by making robbery on the people’s rights. They said if the provincial government really interested in the welfare of the people of the area, it first build a canal to bring water to Qaqlasht and after that plan the housing scheme there. They said that if the government and some opportunist elements tried to sell the land in the name of the housing project and brought outsiders to settle in Qaqlasht, the people of the area would rise in revolt and the government itself would be responsible for any untoward incident.—S.N. Peerzada]]>

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  1. M.Iqbal says

    What’s wrong with this mountain community? Its 21st century where the concept of grazing area is mere an idea, while the housing scheme is the necessity of the time for mountain community. Take action against the disgrace of Chitralis at Lowari tunnel, where a low caliber engineers from Dir district authorized himself for the whole tunnel responsibility and treat the Chitrali community just like a sheep. Please take action against the NHA and other authority that what they do in the tunnel in summer season. In summer season the tunnel is inactive and no construction work is there and you can see nobody around there. But when the winter season is started all the authorities, political workers and bureaucrats are there to score number for their performances.

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