Sardar Hussain's rivals need sleeping pills, says spokesman

BOONI, Feb 17: A spokesman for the upper Chitral MPA, Sardar Hussain, here issued s statement saying that within a very short period of time the lawmaker did lots of work for the people of his constituency. IqbaluddinIqbal Uddin, the spokesman for the MPA, listed the following projects in the credit of the MPA. Approval of Rs40 million for the reconstruction of the Booni bridge, Rs9.8 million for the Charun-Oveer road, Rs10 million for the reconstruction of link roads in the Booni town. Besides, the MPA also got approved Rs15 million for the Gahli stadium project and Rs3.6 million for the Booni to Reshun road. The spokesman said that Rs5.5 million would also be spent on the construction of three bridges in the valley of Yarkhun. Besides, 1500,000 rupees have been approved for the construction of the Terich road and Rs1200,000 for the Rech road, he added. The polo ground in Kosht would be reconstructed at a cost of Rs1.5 million. He said that tenders for the projects would be floated on March 4. According to the MPA’s spokesman, the federal government has already allocated Rs3.4 billion for the Booni-Shandur and Booni-Buzund road on the request of PPP central leader Khursheed Shah. He said the credit for the upgradation of the tehsil headquarters hospital Booni would decided if the chief minister KP Pervez Khattak visits the area in April. He said the MPA was doing more for the people and his opposition instead of criticizing him and claiming credit for the projects should take sleeping pills.—Reporting by S.N. Peerzada]]>

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  1. Asla Pir Karam Ali Shahibo doreto vesheko Sardar Hussain Sahibo tabeat bo kharab sher. Ziat sorora tan hal boyan. Tan makhandero ghoni beko mukhalifein di saf nashai sareran. Ispay haya tarjuman brar kia chal kori Shah Sahibo Pir Karam Ali Shah ki tarer to tabeat kia thek boya.

  2. Mr. Suhrab dear what’s wrong and what’s correct needs proof. I think you need to study about the current affairs as well as the articles from different news paper. I never give you a data from my self , I always write with some known reference. The collapse of 90 billion is taken from the article written by Dr. Inayatullah Faizi to Chitral times. Dr Faizi is one of the eminent scholar and writer of district chitral. If you object the truth doesn’t matter no need to convince you. Secondly never use such a language which degrade you; and with due apology , you need some improvement both on cultural, traditional and moral level. Hope you got it.

  3. Ae ma brar Iqbal changeko d kya had boi . Ma kheyala tat pata no shak berai ki changako sora laghnet basheran ray.

    1. Safdar:
      Mehfil-e-ishq sajao to koyi baat bane
      Daulat-e-ishq lutao to koi baat bane
      Jaam haathon se nehi hei peena mujhko
      Kabhi aankhon sei pilao tao koyi baat bane!

    1. Janab Charsi brar, ispa ta jazbatan hardiyari qadro korosiyan wa nashao haya laneto malamato koriko bachen di ispa ta bo mashkur. We must appreciate that at least an ordinary charsi accepted that use of charas, liquor is not good, ruswayi and something which an hönourable man must not get into.

  4. Botala dostanan haya taro te Englisha vodka no rera,ho sahi namaor no. Saf piyak biatami wa pisa tan MPA sahibo gani nachar Baqo o dosor re khiyot rao oshtami hase frosk lo diko.

  5. Its not suite with the cultured people to debate on drugs and norcotics. Definitly its better for mountain community development either conducted by PTI govt or any other. But sorry to say that PTI govt do nothing for the unfortune mountain people. They already /collapse 90 billions rupees budget of the year 2013_14. The only achivement of the PTI govt is Reham khan .

  6. Hahaha, very funny indeed. MPA tan oraro golai zhurduan ghon bitiasur. Amin colonia Samado dukana pakhturia nishiran, kura biko togho lu ka kar no konyan. Khurot tana koravoshtai chilaha Chitrartu hal no boi re tan Amin colony pesi sher.

  7. Na sirf khula tazad he ji balkeh haqayiq k bilkul manafi hei. I would rather say Shah ji had already taken sleeping pills after winning the PA seat. And he must be mixing the pills into whisky which helps him in getting some good sleep. Now, he will wake up from the deep slumber by end of his tenure in 2018 with his popular slogan ‘motor or voter’ but it will turn out to be a complete farce, making the road ahead for him quite risky. My suggestion to Shah sahib of Booni to stop befooling masses by giving statements in the media through his unknown PS after being miserably failed to deliver.

  8. Joke of this year..we haven’t seen any developmental project yet….lagta ha khawab mein ye saray kaam hua hain…..

    1. Appreciated! But all the above work done by the MNA himself 🙂 He even not seen after the election I personally feel that he not a people man! He need more wisky 😀

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