A hospital building abandoned and forgotten

CHITRAL, Feb 14: The building of the mother and child health care centre at Drosh remains in a dilapidated condition due to negligence of the government to maintain it. hospitalThe building was being used by the Aga Khan Health Service to impart training to 15 midwives. However, due to its dilapidated condition, the AKHS stopped using it. Later, the provincial government decided to demolish the building and released Rs3 million for its reconstruction. But since then, the building is standing there in the same poor condition. Now it is being used as a toilet by the local people while some unscrupulous elements have stolen away fixtures and windows from the building.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi hosp]]>

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  1. Still I know another similar case at Barenis, where a rest-house made for outsider teachers associated with GGPS has embraced the ground and the materials have been sold by the ‘Chokidaar’. I would like the EDO education to take notice of the matter and take stern action against the chokidaar and the culprits.

  2. This is the negligence by the district health officer (DHO). If he could have been honest he would have taken notice of it. Honestly speaking if I were the provincial health minister I would have shifted the DHO office to this building straightaway to make him realize that this is what you deserve. These government officials should be reined in through such steps. Mere formation of inquiry committees and phoning the DHO to look into the matter is not enough. He should be given an exemplary punishment. Let’s see what MPAs Bibi Fozia, Sardar Hussain, Salim Khan and MNA Iftikharuddin do as far as the dilapidated condition of the hospital building is concerned.

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