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The Chaudhry of Booni!

BOONI, Feb 8: Muhammad Khan alias Baqoo, the owner of Dilnasheen Hotel, considers himself as the Chaudhry of Booni.

Talking to ChitralToday, Baqoo said he was also known as Baqoo sahib in the Afghan Pamir and Khojain in the Tajik Pamir. He said so far he had visited the Pamir thrice to purchase cattle.

“In 1998, my father came back from a visit to Badakhshan and told me that people in almost every village from Faizabad to the Wakhan corridor asked about my well-being.”

He said when his father asked about my popularity in the Pamir, he was told that Baqoo had served the Afghan refugees like his own brothers during their stay here. Baqoo says he had the weakness of being fond of drinks, so after sunset whatever he says people should not trust him.

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  1. Abdu Rahman says

    Don’t know why you guys are criticizing Mr. Baqo, he is an entertainer and a very nice man. I think he is more popular than you guys. I appreciate the writer to bring up people like Mr. Baqo, Mr. Munawar Shah etc. Stop these nonsense comments.

  2. k@shi (islamabad) says

    I totally agree with Asif sb that DPO sb should take action against this man. As he admits that he is using drug after sunset every day. So why the SHO of the area and other official are doing nothing against him?
    K@shi (Islamabad)

  3. Ali Safdar says

    The writer of the article will laugh in the days to come on his compilation of articles, this is third article which is not worthy to be published. We all know regarding the personality of the gentlemen in question and should not be trying to publicize their drinking and smoking habits rather we should look for role models among us and should interview people who have excelled in their respective fields.

    1. Aminjani says

      Well Ali Safdar, I agreed, actually we should appreciate and support those who have contribution to develop our society in a right manner.
      We are away from our native land, but we always think about our people and society. Its a shameless sentence that “we are drinking after sunset”. I personally condemn this and demand the concern of this site to discourage such people who teach us negative chapter.

  4. Arbab Shahid Ali says

    Dear Writer,
    I will only suggest that ‘Please raise your reporting standard’.
    I am still trying to figure it out how did you believe him because he himself has said that whatever he says people should not trust him. What If he was drunk at the time you were interviewing him?

  5. M. Iqbal says

    Mr.Asif dear appreciating your suggestion regarding the drugs users, but what opinion you will give for drugs sellers? Dear brother I don’t agree with your words related to drugs addict , you should keep the moral step first and then support so called police department.

  6. Asif Ali Khan says

    Despite clear cut directives by DPO Abbas Majid Marwat to tighten the noose around drug addicts, charsis, sharabis, phodris, etc, the man (Baqu) has just made fun of his orders. He has openly confessed he is a drug addicts and can do whatever he likes by sitting right in the centre of Booni bazar. We request the DPO to take stern action against this man who is giving interview to the press by sitting right under the nose of Booni Police Station.

  7. Ihsan Torkhow says

    @writer, Can you please come up with something worthy to write or continue with these kind of junk? Please take a back seat, think, wait and then you will find yourself something to report on. I hope you will not come up with the “news” of some “pahlawan” whose physique totally denies the title, or someone claiming to have “oldest” musical instrument or someone who is proud of being drunkard. Stop this please. We don’t want to hear daily from you, rather we expect quality contribution. I hope you will take this as a positive feedback.

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