Chitral MPAs threaten to resign

PESHAWAR, Feb 6: Salim Khan and Sardar Hussain, the PPP members of the KP assembly from lower and upper Chitral, on Friday warned the government to immediately open the under-construction Lowari tunnel for traffic for full two days at the weekend. Speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, they said if the KP government did not fulfil its promise of making payment to the Korean construction company for the opening of the tunnel for two full days by February 10, they would resign from their seats. The MPAs said they would also boycott the forthcoming Senate elections. The National Highway Authority (NHA) was unable to keep the tunnel open for 48 days at the weekend as the provincial government was not paying to the construction company for its losses in terms of time wastage. They said last year the KP government also promised to make payment to the NHA for opening of the tunnel but did not pay the amount. As a result, the tunnel was still opened for a few hours only at the weekend, creating lots of trouble for the passengers. A delegation from Booni, including former tehsil nazim Mastuj Shamsur Rehman, Muhammad Pervez, Salahuddin, Sardar Hakim and Shah Wazir, were also present during the press conference.]]>

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  1. An appreciable move. ‘Aakhir kaar ghairat jaag gaiee’. The MNA should have also been present at the press conference.

    1. The comment from PTI leader Wing Commander (retired) Fardad Ali Shah appreciating the ‘topi drama’ by the MPAs shows how desperately the PTI wants them to resign so that it can manage to clinch the two provincial assembly seats in by-elections. But let me assure you that Salim Khan and Sardar Hussain will resign only over their dead bodies. This is a political gimmick by the duo and there is no truth whatsoever.

    2. I simply could not understand what Fardad sahib wanted to say here by saying that MNA should have also attended the press conference. Last year he along with Salim Khan and a couple of other politician held a press conference but the result was zero. Similarly the press conference by PPP walas along with some persona non gratas from Chitral whom migrate to down country in winter was meant to befool people like us who abruptly believed how gairat mand our MPs. But in fact they befool us. Thank you very much Mr. editor for not publishing their pictures as we do not wanna see the deceptive faces. If they are so sincere why don’t they submit a question about the closure of PIA flights to Chitral. We are orphans. We have no leader. Pevez Musharraf was the only ray of hope but his party has also been hijacked by the feudals. Auo Chitralio apni kismat pe aaj dil khol k royein, kabi mitar, kabi molvi, kabi mulk, kabi din, aur kabi shah ne loota is janat nazeer wadi ko.

  2. Hahahahha joke of 2015 …don’t make us fool u both abhi tou Senate k elections honay hain kororon kamanay ka mouqa mil raha ha…chup kar k apni hain bharo chitraliyon ka Allah hafiz….

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