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Kindness is far better than violence

By Rakhshinda Shakir Violence is the form of hatred which can cause a moment of unrest in a particular area. There breaks out violence for just more reasons than one. The world is now best fitting the theory which says survival of the fittest and perhaps that is why a continuous and prolong violence is going on between countries to countries, religions of different sections and between tribes and so on and on… violence, in short has now become a screen play which is broad casted on TV screens on a daily basis. If violence was to do with peace and harmony by now this World would be a better place to live in but the worsening condition of this today’s world is appealing me to replace violence with kindness in order to best shape our world. For a moment close your eyes and think about kindness in your families. Parents, being the leading roles play an effective role in our lives. They are kind to us, they think of our comfort. They love us unconditionally and beyond boundaries. See! How effectively a family is run and how systematically things are arranged. We join hands in need and thus as a family we make a happy life. Now open your eyes and let’s walk in the streets outside our family. Every step that we take we fear what happens the next moment because kindness disappears in nowhere when we are counted as people rather than individuals. There is violence out in roads. The strike protestant may not come and kill me, who might know I may be victim of American drown attacks or gunned down by a terrorist any time anywhere. All such types of violence make us live in fear. In my family circle I fear nothing because I know I am safe and same do you feel in your family but when you and I come out as an individual I fear you and you fear me because somewhere in our minds there is a negative mind set which favor violence. As an individual we have made ourselves vulnerable to violence. You and I are in competition. If you are a Christian then call Muslims terrorists and spread violence. If you are a Muslim try to divide yourself in sections and fight. If you are a man hate all those women who fight for their rights. All the mentioned deeds have become our practice since mankind has born. It is time to change and replace violence with kindness. Who makes the world? My family, your family, your friend’s family and so on and on. In our family if we can practice kindness than why cannot you and I be friends and kind to each other. Instead of going in competition with each other why cannot “You” and “I” become “We” and jointly work together with peace and harmony. Instead of fighting for the sameness in us why cannot you and I work on our differences and make benefit out from it. Why cannot we be human being first then criticizing religions? Kindness can bring a strong we out from you and I, because it is far better than violence. The writer studies at the Asian University Chittagong, Bangladesh.]]>

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