Education dept. holds inquiry against teacher

CHITRAL, Jan 31: The education department Chitral conducted an inquiry against Amir Wali Khan, a CT teacher at the Govt Middle School, Mogh, Garam Chashma, for violating its rules by working with a funded NGO of the area. The inquiry team comprised Ahsanul Haq and Shahzad, officials of the education department Chitral. The inquiry team held a meeting with the representatives of communities belonging to different spheres of life and also visited GADO, sources in the area told ChitralToday. It is to be noted that upon the complaints of the community of Garam Chashma, two inquiries were also held in the past against government teachers affiliated with funded NGOs. As a result, many teachers tendered resignation from the Garam Chashma Area Development Organization (GADO), a funded NGO, in compliance of the department rules and regulations. However, Mr Amir Wali did not leave GADO as its chairman despite the initiation of disciplinary action against him. He was transferred to the GMS Mogh. This latest inquiry was the result of the community complaint against the government servants for continuously violating the Civil Servant Rules. This time, it is hoped that the concerned department will take action against the teachers to avoid further mockery of the writ of the state.]]>

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  1. I read all the above comments and I am too much shocked about the department inquiry. The important thing here to mention is we have to know about the Govt Civil Service Rule 1989, act 16, where it is clearly writtten that every civil servant can conduct social work or honorary services where their official duty is not disturbed. We appreciate the work of all teachers and teaching is a noble profession but we are living in a backward area and only the teachers are good educated and available in our area other educated people are migrating to cities in search of good jobs. So we have to appreciate the services of all teachers.
    Second very important thing is we have to report the absenteeism and irregularity of teachers and the department should inquire that absenteeism and failure of students in exam. Teachers can serve their community after performing their own duties or they can utilize their spare timing in serving the community and serving the community is also a noble cause.
    Rehmat Hussain

  2. Dear Anonymous any one of my friend;
    Sir, thank you so much for my guiding but if you check my face book I have already raised these issues through my media and get published these news in different papers and sites and I regularly share these links on my face book but unfortunately after such type of reporting I have my so many enemies but very less number of my supporter.
    I have visited so many govt offices like hospital, schools, other offices and have raised their shortcoming and default through my media but after that those Mafia dislike me Although I am working for benefit of people of Chitral and public should to support me morally but very less number of people supported me in such type of investigating reporting I have already brought into the notice of Head of Different departments but the Mafia is very strong and some mafia pasted Anonymous posters blackmailing me in fake allegations. If some sincere people like you morally support me and provide information with proof I am ready to raise them on all platforms of Media. but this is very difficult for me work against these media signally.

  3. We need to look into the detail before putting someone to sword. For example, if the teacher or doctor mentioned is compromising his/her duties while doing some other job, the indeed s/he is liable to be punished. May be, if some school teacher is helping his/her community after proper disposal of his/her official commitments then there should be no harm in it. I particularly expect from the school teachers of our area to do social work as they have lot of spare time daily and as well on annual basis in the form of holidays.
    It is non of our concern how much salaries are they getting. It is very easy to criticize by taking a back seat and doing nothing on our own. Instead we should criticize based on facts, i.e. the Teacher missed so many number of classes, or his/her school Matric result was pathetic, or most pertinent is the student failed his/her subject in the exam etc.
    It is not good to make hue and cry to settle score while at the same time discouraging others from doing social or community development work. I personally know so many teachers who operate shop after school hours, should we book them for violating civil service rules?
    Chitral is a backward area, and we all need to contribute in one way or the other to take it forward and should avoid unfruitful debates and allegations like this.

  4. Sir this is appreciable that Education Department took action against those teachers who are mostly working in NGOs instead to perform their duties in Govt schools. There are so many other teachers who also working in NGOs and not attend their duty in Govt schools who drawing more thaat 50000 salaries as well as some Govt Doctors also working in NGOs as well as some staff of DHQ hospital working in State life insurance company illegally. A large number of govt servants not perform their duty honestly and most of them are not going to their offices and busy in their personal business. Govt should to take action against those government servants who drawing salaries from Govt Exchequers but not perform their duties. Mr. Amir Ali also my friend but honestly speaking he spend most of his time in GADO who was also president of Aga Khan local council and was a Govt teacher.

    1. Look Farooqi, I was disappointed to see your comment. I was not expecting you could be this much helpless before a handful mafia. You are a reporter and your job is to nab the corrupt and expose the mighty who think no one can challenge his ‘badmashi’. You should identify those doctors (so-called maseehas), teachers (so-called builders of the nation) and all other government employees involved in these kind of wrong practices. If you can not expose these handful mafias you must quit journalism and start some other business without any further delay. Go ahead man and expose these mafias one by one without any fear like a chivalrous journalist who does not bow before the powerful and the mighty. Read the following poem, as the poet describe the job of a true journalist here.
      Hum parwarash-e-loh-o-qalam karte rahenge
      Jo dil pe guzarti hai raqam karte rahenge
      Asbaab-e-gham-e-ishq baham karte rahenge
      Viraani-e-dauraan pe karam karte rahenge
      Haan talkhi-e-ayyaam abhi aur barhe gi
      Haan ahl-e-sitam mashq-e-sitam karte rahenge
      Manzur yeh talkhi yeh sitam hum ko gawaara
      Dam hai to madaawa-e-alam karte rahenge
      Maikhana salaamat hai to hum surkhi-e-mai se
      Tazzain-e-dar-o-baam-e-haram karte rahenge
      Baqi hai lahu dil mein to har ashk se paida
      Rang-e-lab-o-rukhsar-e-sanam karte rahenge
      Ek tarz-e-taghaaful hai so woh unko mubaarak
      Ek arz-e-tamanna hai so hum karte rahenge

  5. Very good and bold step on the part of DEO Moeenuddin Khattak but I wonder why Muhammad Wali, a CT teacher in the government school and former chairman of GADO has been spared. Mr. Wali gives more time to the NGO than to his school and he is still the member of board of directors of GADO. The teachers are drawing more than 60 thousand rupees as salary every month not for running NGOs but to teach the students. Now, some female teachers have also jumped into the fray of NGO mafia. I know Miss Noshaba of Booni who is the head of an NGO which works for human rights. The DEO female Zuhra must take stern notice against Noshaba and bring her to book to make her example for others.

  6. This is a very right step and the black sheeps in the education department should be exposed and exemplary punishment should be given.

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