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How brave is Musharraf?

Before it was your mother whom you wanted to see but Alhamdullah now she is OK and in Pakistan beside you and enjoying the best treatments in Military Hospital. We all pray for her quick recovery. But now you have another (family) issue that is your closed uncle passed away and you got another opportunity to run away. We are asking very sincerely is this your braveness or you got these tactics from the best military of the world? Please not give the bad name to our military due to your personnel weakness. Face the cases until the finish as a military man and prove the in the courts if they are fake. I agree with you that there is no future of you in Pakistan forever. Gul Jee (Canada )]]>

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  1. Haider says

    @Wajid Afzal, Wajid Sahab what you have described Musharaf in few words is your opinion about him and it shows clearly and unambiguously your political affiliation, not the real picture…instead of firing in the vacuum, you should also consider the services he rendered to the nation and country…take an example of education sector and analyze it before and after him…No of universities, establishment of HEC, number of PhDs produced, Salary of the teachers and lecturers, establishment of secondary and higher secondary schools, colleges,etc…Now just take bird’s eye view of the economic condition, Economic growth rate, GDP (PPP), GDP (Per Capita), National Savings, Foreign Reserves, Foreign Direct Investment etc…wajid sahab first research on these and then write the reality…
    I agree that Musharaf did some things which brought bad name to him and caused his decline…these include ‘Lal Masjid’ Operation, Depose of chief Justice Iftikhar Choudary etc…But instead of considering only him responsible is wrong…Before Lal Masjid operation do you remember the different television talk-shows? what was their topic and demand? Do you remember the statement of Moulana Fazal ur Rehman after the kidnap of Chinese girls”Taliban Islamabad ki paharion pa aa gya hai or hokomat waqt khamoshi sa so rahi hai..But what happened soon after the operation? Those who demanding the military operation started condemning the decision of military operation….the famous private TV channel host and anchor person who was advocating the military operation of Lal Masjid is now the strongest opponent of Musharaf and has been organizing several TV talk-shows inviting anti Musharaf personalities….
    His decision of joining and becoming front line state against war on terror was the demand of the time…it was a decision of the future of the country and nation. At that time it was a right decision. It is wrong to say that if there would be a democratic government the decision could be different….in order to understand the decision of joining war on terror one needs to understand the big picture…and great game in the region…without understanding these we could not be able to understand the whole scenario…

  2. Wajid Afzal Choudry says

    Guys please do care your language befor setting on the computer .Every body has some political affiliation like you guys ,so do not take this personally and starting nesty language against each other .Now i am also hate The Ex.General and so called Chitrali leader,then you start attacking on my personal life,no it is not right address me with arguments like a political worker or a writer.
    The Ex.General has been buried in a political cemetery long time ago, if not why his party did not won even a single seat from the whole country, remember in 2013 when Election Commission was asking nomination forms from the candidates, the so called leader (love by Chitralis) could not find even a single candidate for his newly APML, then suddenly he announced a boycott for the election and in Chitral already the Ex Minister (shzada sahib) was winning the seat because he is still in a good position in Chitral. What a nonsense argument is this that people of Chitral voted for Musharrf? No way, unbelieable and vary weak point. If we accept this so what happened to the BOONI guy who lost the seat after few moths from another party guy.
    Musharrf is criminal or not we just have to wait for the courts, one thing is sure he pushed our country very back and he did nothing for Pakistan overall (I am not talking about Chital). He ruled the country with sword not the law and rules, so more then 70 per cent people of Pakistan hate him.Therefore, he is trying to run away from the country like Altaf Hussain.

  3. Haider says

    @sangal, what u have written about Musharaf reflects ur mental attitute towards him and his institution. Whether the tunnel has been built for chitralis or for some other purpose like military use or an alternate to KK, it is really not ur problem…Ask the pain of losing precious lives from the relatives of those who lost their lives crossing the Pass…! Ask the magnitude of the problem for those whose relatives expired due to the closer of the pass and flight cancel…you have not been passed through these difficult situations, therefore u do not perceive the importance of the Tunnel and value of its constructor…

  4. Gul jee says

    First of all I want to mention this that some of my friends are so sad when I explore some the unforgettable facts about the Dictator in my letter, and they start attacking on my personal life.I would say those friends that they are “uncivilized and just degree holders” here, the subject is “The Dictator” not Gul Jee and you have to join the debate with arguments not useless nasty personal attacks it means you do not have any thing to say with solid arguments.
    Secondly,this is an entire fact and true that the ashamed and modesty era of that so called leader is no longer existing and will never exist again.He will remember in the history as a Dictator like Zia-ul- Haq.Of course the great Chitral is my birth place, and i proud to be a Chitrali but remember,country is first then a town.If he did some thing good for Chitral but he pushed the country fifty years back with the fake slogan “Sab sy Pahly Pakiatan “he changed this in to “first of all my own, bhar may jaway ya Mulk.
    His brutality starts from Parliment to Supreme court,from Constitution to Lal Masjid and from attack on Baloch leader to unbelievable Siachen battle. History is witnessed and we believe that he was the main actor,therefore he is facing many cases in the court.
    One more important aspect I want to clear here that a person or a political party have a single seat through out Pakistan,how he can be a political leader.sham sham for those people who are claiming that he is our leader,and that seat also being possible due to Ex.Member of parliment (Mr.Mohy uddin) for his twenty years excellent services to Chitral otherwise we saw the reality of Musharraf ‘s party MPA from Booni in bye election.

  5. akhtar ali says

    Bilkul bakwas. Canada mai beth k bataen karna asan, aapko sab chizon ka kia pata..

  6. Sher Dil Khan says

    @Safdar, Ubaid: You might in need of a father. We do not consider politicians as fathers and godfathers. Musharraf is a brave leader and he will face all the cases against him with honour and dignity like he did when ganja had vowed him to humiliate him. But again it was Nawaz Sharif who had to hang the terrorists involved in attack on Musharraf. This is called power. This is called leadership. And the day is not far when Nawaz Sharif along with his younger brother Shehbaz Sharif will go to Karachi and apologize to the former chief of army staff.And you along with Gul Ji will keep beating your chest out of frustration. Yes, Musharraf never wanted to visit Saudi Arabia, as he rejected the reports during an interview on Dawn Tv three days ago. I do not think, visiting APS was that important as it was Pakistan Army which has tightened the noose around the terrorists after Peshawar school massacre. The performance of politicians was again disappointing as expected. And then we all saw what Imran Khan did? On January 8, 2015, he tied the knot with Reham Khan. He did not even wait for 40 days, mere 40 days? This has forced us to believe that the Peshawar school tragedy did not have even a slight impact on Imran Khan. The way Imran tied the knot, is for sure it was this the moment (attack on APS) that Imran Khan has lost his heart to Reham Khan??

  7. KASHI (Islamabad) says

    WAH Gul aman sb,im pretty sure your not originally from chitral. because chitalis never thinking against Mohsin e chitral like you.what ever he has done for the country good or bad we don’t need to care,but as chitrali we are with him for ever.when ever he will come to chitral and needs us, we are with him. but i dont know why you are thinking for him like this bull shed. may be your not sincere with the chitral and chitrali people.i don’t know who you are,but i just read above others statement that your are living in canada.but im sorry to say that your living in big and civilized country but your thinking is poor OVERI plz be positive,what ever you wrote in your statement every thing bullshedz.all the time your writing some thing against musharaf or haji Ghulam mohd.plz next time be care full to write some thing against mohsin e chitral (Gen. Musharaf) and Haji sb.we hate Butto ,nawaz shariftheir,imran khan and other parties,we are only with musharaf. Butto and his party finished pls no more botto no more zordari.i realized that your salim khan and sardar hussain chamcha that’s why your saying stupid thing.and may be you feel bad too but what should i do reality is reality.
    Kashi (islamabad)

  8. Obaid Ullah KAhmed says

    Musharaff is not in the jail because he remained a General in Pakistan Army, otherwise the crimes he had committed and the destruction through which Pakistan has passing he should have been hanged. One day the forces who are trying to protect him from courts and going to jail will have to pay. Gull jee has rightly summed up, some sections of the Chitralis are commenting because with Musharaf gone they will be fatherless.

  9. Hameed Khan Sangal says

    Oh you ‘sada’ Chitralis, you people do not understand that Musharaf is trying to get away from Pakistan because his hands are not clean. Secondly his support for tunnel was purely strategic and it was because that the Lowari tunnel could be used as alternate way for KKH and for defense purpose. People in my area of Chitral think that Mush won their heart because he was an iron hand against terrorists while it later proved that he was double crossing the US and keeping Osama in Pakistan. Some sections of Chitralis want him in the news because they want to remain in power by using his name.
    I request all the readers to comment on the topic rather than firing in the air.

  10. Ali Safdar says

    I agree with Mr Gul Jee and he has nicely put down the article. Mush is very eager to visit Saudia Arabia to offer Fateha for the Saudi King but he could not come to Peshawar to offer Fatiha for the Shuhadas of APS where there was no need of Visa or any other hurdle.

  11. Sher Dil Khan says

    If I were you, Gul Aman, I would have surrendered my Canadian citizenship and returned to Pakistan. But we all know you would prefer death over surrendering your Canadian citizenship. You have got nothing except this Canadian citizenship. And many in Chitral think that this is the reason you talk tall and once in a blue moon, muster courage to criticize Gen Pervez Musharraf. My suggestion to you is that next time you must think twice before saying anything against Gen Musharraf. You are a non-entity. You are man who has taken oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth for the sake of a Canadian citizenship. The people of Chitral are well educated compared to the days when you used to be here. And you must do whatever you are doing there instead of earning the wrath of Chitralis through your scholarly pieces. This is a writing on the wall that Pervez Musharraf is going to clean sweep if he opted to contest elections from Chitral next time. He will send Imran Khan of PTI to pavilion at his first ball. The arrow of PPP has become outdated like Chitrali Siah Kaman. The lion of PML-N has already become a circus lion with “Go Nawaz Go” slogans. The cycle of Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain could not cross into Chitral as it has already been punctured at the mouth of Lowari tunnel at Dir side. The shortage of petrol has created serious crisis for Maulana Diesel of JUI-F. And Jamat-e-Islami is no more trusted after explosives were stolen by one of its senior leaders. So we invite you people to strengthen the hands of Gen Pervez Musharraf as he is all set to steal the show in next elections.

  12. Adnan Khan says

    Gul Ji Sahib mind your language before saying any word about Gen. Pervez Musharaf. He is a legend and we call him Muhsin e Chitral.

  13. Ali Nawaz, Garam Chashma says

    Reply to Mr. Gul Jee (Canada)
    I must say to Mr. Gul to get his word back which he had used for Pervez Musharaf .It is easy to criticize someone sitting abroad, and I advise Gul to check his eyesight from the Canadian doctors before saying something about the life of PM and his bravery.
    The problem of our nation is that we forget our history. Now let me talk about your leaders (PPP and PMLN) the most corrupt friendly opposition of the country. I know you and your party well which you are defending in the social media. Its hurting to say that your conscience is dead. We have seen the leader having birth of their (child in jail) we have seen NRO also seen the corrupt tola of Sharifs taking refuge abroad by kissing the hands of Gen Musharraf with a promise not to come back to Pakistan for a complete decade. These are not Brave these are the people you suck the blood of the Nation, Open your eyes and have a look??
    We loved PM for his qualities as i maintained below:
    If anybody want to test the patriotism of Pervez Musharraf he should watch so many Videos on Youtube available or Just utter a word against Pakistan and then watch the impressions of his face and reaction. Only a person need to have an open Mind and a person would understand that NOBODY & I repeat NOBODY has ever been so Patriotic like Perevz Musharraf.
    Can anybody quote any instance when Perevez Musharraf lied? Nobody has been able to lift even a finger on Pervez Musharraf honesty.
    There cannot be a better example to quote than coming back of Pervez Musharraf on 24th March Inspite of all the risks to his life, Prestige and against the advice of all the friends and well wishers.
    Can somebody quote any other Leader who took so many risks to serve his Nation? Can there be a Better Example of a Persons Dedication to his cause and beliefs?
    Ask any person who has met Pervez Musharraf about his Down to earth Thinking, and Humbleness. Watch his Pictures during the Kashmir’s earth Quake and feel the Pain on his face. Watch so many Interviews and a person will find perevz Musharraf sincere to Pakistan and very Humble. Can anybody quote any other Leader in Pakistan who is so Humble and Sincere?
    I am always asking a Question to every Body. Do you know anybody in the thousands of years of world’s History when a Commander in Chief spent a Night with his Jawans (11 KM) Inside the enemy Territory and he is so Humble that he never even Boasted that But factually the news was leaked by The Commander In Chief of Enemy with words of appreciation for his bravery.
    A leader who gave us the City Government System to tackle the issue of Provincialism & deliver the fruits of Real democracy to the root level, A Leader who Gave us the Slogan of Enlightened Moderation which is the only way and path forward for Pakistan as a Progressive, Stable, Strong member of International Community, A leader who brought the Idea of TRANSIT CORRIDOR to bring fruits of economic advancement of the neighbouring countries to us, A Leader who Invested in Human Development by Bringing Dr Atta Ur Rehman and started a revolution in Education and thus investing in Human Resources and Making Pakistan Strong, A Leader who Gave us the slogan of PAKISTAN FIRST which is a total Philosophy which guide us in International Relations, Internal Affairs and set Pakistan on a Path of Progress as a Positive member of International Community.
    Leaders take Decisions and do not sleep and avoid. Syed pervez Musharraf had to take many Hard Decisions and he took with Courage in the Interest of His Nation.
    Right from The military Take over which was a Hard decision, then events after 9/11 which was also very hard But while taking the decision after 9/11 he Bombed the aspirations of India and made USA agree on two Strategic Interest of Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan. Then he had to take decision on Bugti, Lal masjid, Case against Kana Dajjal, Emergency, etc and so on and he took all the Decisions in the supreme Interest of Pakistan and his every action has been proven to be the best in the interest of Pakistan.
    Can you quote any other leader who did not bring his Children to benefit from his Position? Can you name a leader in the whole world today who is respected Equally by China, Russia, USA, UK, Malaysia, Turkey, Saudi Arab, UAE, etc?
    So My HERO is Great and I am His Proud Follower
    Ali Nawaz
    Garam Chashma

  14. Asif Khan says

    There is no doubt that The Ex.Military General is trying to run away from Pakistan,cause he is responsible many criminal actions.This is another factor that in Pakistan it is not easy to get punished of any Military Dictator.while the “the might is right ” is always in the hand of the powerful army.If he is clean hand so why he wants to go out,he has to wait until these fake cases (according to him) go away.Here one important thing i want to mention that all great writers are talking only one “aspect” that is CHITRAL.Look Chitral is a part of Pakistan, not itself Pakistan,we have to look greater points not smaller.We appreciate if he did some thing good for Chitral,then what he did for Pakistan as a whole.It means he being liked in Chitral so much and Chitralies gave him one NA seat.So is this a majority through out Pakistan?Can Musharaaf be ok with that one seat? what a non sense arguments.

  15. Karim Aman says

    In fact in typical Khowar, people of Gul Ji type are called ‘sharari’ who don’t speak of their mind. And whenever they speak, it will be full of flattery, butter and full of sugar. You can always find them backing a particular mafia. They will never bother to say against them. To make it more simple, let me tell me Gul Aman Khan of Charun Oveer. He was optimistic of his MPA that he would change the destiny of Chitral. But the firt thing did is construction of road to his home. The day he has taken over his performance is going from bad to worse. A man with conscience will always speak his heart. He will worship persöalities. But PPP has a history of worshipping the graves and its Chitral opportunist is also no exception. If our brother from Charun Oveer is so upright why he is hesitant to question the ill-wealth amassed by Salim Khan. Why he is tight-lipped over the performance of Sardar Hussain. I wish if Gul Ji had to go to Chitral in emergency and he could not make it due to closure of Lowari tunnel. When he will have to stay at the hotel in Dir alöng with children and women, sick of dirty bed, full of louse, then he will realize what Musharraf has döne for Chitralis. You must do whatever you are doing there and stop telling us who is who in Pakistan. We have interest whether you live in Canada, mars or moon. Pevez Musharraf is the saviour of Chitral and this time with more power. And yes one brotherly advice is that pls drop the name Gul Ji as this doesn’t suit you and you should adopt some Canadian name as you have taken oath to remain loyal and faithful to Queen of Canada like Tahirul Qadri.

  16. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Mush is brave but not as brave, honest and true speaker as this man from Canada. Gul Jee has even stolen the name of a well-known and popular Karachi-based painter. Plz have pity on the soul of the great Gul Jee of Karachi.

  17. Shahid khan says

    What would you know about bravery sitting in Canada Mr Gul Ji. When none of the leadership (from all the parties ) was brave enough to keep the Lowari tunnel open in winters forget making it . Musharaf had the guts to first sanction the money to make the tunnel then keep it open though out the winter looking at the suffering of Chitralis. Musharaf made bold decisions not just at this end but through out the country.

  18. Asif Ali Khan says

    How easy it is to criticize someone for personal likes and dislikes. The gentleman from Canada is a PPP diehard. He tried his level best and supported Sardar Hussain whatever the way he can. He made tall claims that his Shah ji will turn the backward Chitral into Switzerland. But when he saw his MPA doing extremely poor, he went to hibernation. And now, once again he is out, declaring Musharraf of being corrupt, coward and what not. Let me remind him had this been anybody from his (GUl Ji) leadership, let alone staging a comeback they would have not dared to come back to Pakistan in circumstances when Musharraf landed, puffing his cigar in his trademark style without caring anybody at the helm of affairs. We have seen NROs, we have also seen the corrupt tola of Sharifs taking refuge abroad by kissing the hands of Gen Musharraf with a promise not to come back to Pakistan for a complete decade. Pervez Musharraf is fully enjoying the same status and protocol which he used to get when he was a president. The international community knows him more than any other leader in Pakistan. History will remember him as one of the bravest generals.

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