Ensure merit in hiring of teachers


After the formation of the government in KP by the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), the National Testing Service (NTS) exams were introduced for the recruitment of teachers in the elementary education department in order to ensure merit. MinhajLast year, similar tests were held for the appointment of PTCs, CTs and STs and other teachers. Those who got through the NTS test were later called for interviews and based on their performances a merit list was later issued. But sadly enough, the merit lists were neither pasted on the wall of the education department in Chitral nor uploaded in the website of the education department to inform the candidates on time. Moreover, 50 marks were considered to be the passing marks but against the merit criterion last year candidates even obtaining less than 50 per cent marks were given employment in the department. The fault of those who had obtained more than 50 per cent marks was that they could not submit their documents as they were not informed about the result on time. As the test results have been announced this year, it is requested that the top scorers should be informed well on time so that they can submit their documents and get their right to employment based on merit. Minhaj Ali Lodhi, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad]]>

  1. Haseeb says

    @ Lodhi
    Kawa chala Hans ky chal aur apni chai by bhol gaya.

  2. Minhaj Ali Lodhi says

    Mr Said Ghulam Ali Shah.. Iam tha first Lodhi who live in Chitral Pakistan so well come me 🙂

  3. said ghulam ali shah says

    your not crectly lodhi its not well look with first serch the lodhi famlies the are not living in chitral

  4. MRK says

    Mr. Haseeb, After Reading The Whole Text You Only Got the Idea about LODHI nothing Else.

  5. Haseeb says

    You really belong to Lodhi family, but I haven’t heard so far Lodhis living in Chitral. Would someone plz correct me. If You are not a Lodhi then using this tag with your name looks very awkward.

    1. Minhaj Ali Lodhi says

      Exactly This is Minhaj Ali Lodhi and Lodhi is my nickname 🙂

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