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  1. chitrali people are so genius that without any scientific education they are getting ahead of world’s best scientists and researchers. from rehmat aziz chitrali to sardar abdur rehman chitrali we don’t have shortage of scientists. indeed these two genius should share the noble prize for scientific discoveries for year 2015, nay not share but separately be given the noble prize for khowar keyboard invention and global warming cause agent discovery.

    1. I would like to second my friend M. Wali from Mastuj that the name of all the top scientists aspiring for nobel prize in physics should be dropped immediately. Besides, the top scientists also be penalized for their inability and incompetence to find a solution to the problem of global warming and delay in inventing a keyboard for writing Khowar. Dr Pervez Hoodbhuy and other tops scientists should join civil society permanently instead of claiming to be a top physicist. The federal government should at least issue directives to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government to display the portraits of the new scientist Sardar Abdul Rehman and his partner in crime Rehmat Aziz Chitrali in all educational institutions. Oh God,oh Lord free us from mental, emotional, and spiritual corruptions.

  2. I have been reading this news since long that a local journalist (Mr. Sardar Abdur Rehman) from Chitral discovered the “Chang Agent”, which he claimed to be helpful in minimizing or overcoming the aftermaths of global warming. First of all, we all must appreciate him for bringing up his novel theory to environmentalists and researchers working on global warming and climate change. With the limited knowledge about this phenomenon and his theory too, I am not negating or discouraging him to challenge the environmentalists. Also he needn’t be ready for any punishment if the theory is not proved. Secondly, in science several theories are currently available in published literature without any solid scientific justification and researchers are exploring the cross cutting theories with proper experimentations/social surveys. It is your right to propose any innovative theory and you can ask the relevant experts to accept or reject it with their scientific rationalizations.
    In order to attract the attention of the scientific audiences to read your theory, you have to follow some scientific publication procedures or protocols to prepare a scientific patent, research article and scientific short communication. Then your patent or research paper goes to a blind scientific peer-review process and later you have to answer the scientific comments before your patent gets published. So the first step is to craft your theory or idea in a scientific way by proofing it with some facts and figures. Presenting your theory to newspapers and NGOs is not the right way to keep you on track to address the scientific community. Therefore, you may use the right platform to highlight your idea and discuss some relevant experts to properly dress up the theory for scientists or researchers. I hope there will many experts around you whom you can generously share your theory and seek guidance to prepare a scientific patent or article. In such way you contribution will also be acknowledged and appreciated nationally as well as internationally. There is no doubt that all environmental issues including climate change/global warming have no geographical margins and they equally catastrophic to both developed and developing countries. So your theory gets global importance and will be beneficial for all humanity.
    Shams Ali Baig
    PhD Scholar
    Department of Environmental Engineering
    Zhejiang University Hangzhou, China

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