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Are you on the right track to disaster?

These are some of the burning questions that we, as professionals, need to ask ourselves continuously in order to understand where are we heading in our professional lives? Many a times we go into our comfort zone without even realizing; for example, working with a particular organization even when we are not growing or doing challenging work. One may give reasons to justify their stance, however, reality doesn’t change and in the long run we understand what we lost while staying in our comfort zone. Today we are living in a global village where everyone has to compete globally and one can’t afford to waste time doing just one task/responsibility/role without learning anything new. Remember: To Learn something new, we must first Un-learn what we already know and only then we can Re-learn! There is a saying that if you are not growing every two years then there is something wrong with you or the organization you are working with. So the question is when did you last get growth in your organization? It’s critical to analyze the path we are on, for it may be the Right track to Disaster!   Sahib Karim Khan Karachi.]]>

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