Cleric injured mysteriously

BOONI, Jan 20: The administrator of a seminary in a village of Mulkhow sustained bullet injuries under mysterious circumstances and was brought to a hospital in Booni. Sources told ChitralToday that the injured, a resident of Saht village, was later referred to the district headquarters hospital Chitral for further treatment of the wounds on his face, including an eye. The sources said the Mulkhow police had contacted the cleric to register a case and investigate the matter but the injured told them that he would decide about filing an FIR after returning home.–S.N. Peerzada]]>

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  1. Mowlano Motabeqa shamo nimezot 1 menute shika hes jangala miko nishi asika ka ho sora firing areni,,,Royan Motabeqa Dashman Bardanj Frokhto zhinge koloan te dozao astai kos kheyala Low Asor re hote pesiro biani.Policeanan motabeqa ‘Daal Me Kuch Kala Hai’.

  2. The firing at the cleric and his reluctance to register an FIR give birth to suspicions why he was fatally injured. The reporter should have dug out the real facts behind the incident instead of just writing two sentence, saying he was shot at in mysterious circumstances. Why would anybody fire shots at a cleric and that too the administrator of a seminary? I do not think a cleric could have easily foregone an assassination attempt??? We, the readers of ChitralToday, expect a thorough probe into the incident. The new DPO Abbas Majid Marwat, the intelligence agencies, etc. should find out why the cleric was targeted.

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