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Degenerating West

By Ghani Ur Rahman (Drosh) The recent attack on Charlie Hebdo office in France and the death of 17 officials left the whole world in a serious state of disappointment and all the people of the world including Muslim community criticized the attack and past act of the Journal’s involvement in blasphemous caricature went into oblivion for the time being and all the people killed in the incident received sympathies across the board. Million march practically witnessed in the street of France and nor less than 40 head of nation state led the procession including Muslim Head of State and demonstrated their solidarity with the slain officials of the paper which was targeted. Huge dense smoke was developed by western media and hyped the issue in such a manner and Muslim community was targeted as terrorist and the whole environment unfortunate day for the terrorist who undertook the killing incident and there was non in the world who openly takes side of the people involved in the incident. Muslim community of France and rest of Europe all criticized the incident and termed it unjustified from any respect. Conservative forces came in back foot and their followers did not able to defend the incident in public. Within a few days when fundamentalist and so called extremist forces went in back foot and lost a big space on moral ground, again the so called promoter of enlightenment Charlie Hebdo committed the same mistake/terrorist act by publishing the same caricature which created the tense atmosphere and gave moral high ground to the perpetrators who attacked Hebdo Office and killed 17 people in previous incident. Respecting each other faith, like and dislike, interest, dignity and honor are symbol of enlightenment, if educated society and so called promoters of human rights irritate other communities by exploiting their religious feelings and emotions it also reflect that they are doing the same act which is criticized by their print and electronic media and termed as extremist, terrorist and fundamentalist. Republishing of the same controversial caricature justified the deadly incident which was openly criticized by all the Muslim in the world and now those people who criticize the incidents are taking procession against Hebdo which give big edge to militant who attacked on Hebdo office and killed 17 people. If Hebdo is doing that for business purpose as more than 3 million copies are expected to be sold of the new series, like Salma Rushdi did in the past through Satanic Verses that business create more risk and less revenue in the long run. On the other hand if whole west is behind the episode then everyone should be ready to face the Clash of Civilization which was predicted in the near past. However the whole scenario reflect that degeneration of west almost started and this single incident show that how mean act these people doing intentionally only to provoke a big community having about 1.3 billion population in the world. Religious sentiments are totally different in case of west and Muslims. In the west the concept of secularism exists in which everyone can practice his/her own religious practice without any check by state or society. This basic right of citizen was first denied in France when government banned wearing scurf of school going girls first time in Europe. It was gross violation of human rights that state interfered in personal life of its citizen but all the European Countries second the step instead of castigating France for human rights violation. If someone question about reality of Holocaust he will be targeted in Europe by Jewish militant and it is justified by European society. On the other hand if someone question about justification of various media group of the controversial caricature to provoke Muslim Community he is regarded as terrorist and tried under terrorist law. If such type of injustice exists in any society it will never survive in the long run. Numbers of incidents which are taking place in the west like intentional provocation of Muslim Community in the world by publishing controversial things and terms it as freedom of speech, providing armaments to those terrorists who are fighting Basharul Assad in Syria, while killing the same people in case of Iraq, giving free hand to Israeli government to kill Palestinians etc reflect double standard of the West. If moral high ground of any society falls it is precursor of its degeneration and what west experience this time. And Muslim community should teach lesson of enlightenment to Europe through demonstrating respect of other religions/faith giving protection to minorities and instead of being provoked they should give the lesson of peaceful co-existence to western people and practically display the teaching of Islam that ‘ respecting each and every faith/religion is the core value of Islam’.]]>

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