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CHITRAL, Jan 14: With  greeting to all Chitralis, we would like to inform you that the Chitral Horticultural Society website has been launched. kavirCheck out, you can also visit us on Facebook.  Do give us your  valuable reviews as this is a soft opening and much will change on it. We would like to host as many gardens as possible irrespective of the size or popularity. Each one of you can contribute by making your own garden more beautiful, or send us a photo you took of a wild flower in the Hindukush that we will acknowledge and share. We hope  the CHS plans  will add a little more good to Chitral besides what all you are doing.  Our activities have so far been on a self-help basis with no donor behind it and this is the way we feel most of the things should run. The Chitral Horticultural Society will grow and its website will periodically change and improve to bring more colour to “Your Chitral” for  you to enjoy and for the rest of the world to share with. Dr Irshad General Secretary Chitral Horticultural Society]]>

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