Angry residents start reconstruction of damaged bridge

CHITRAL, Jan 13: More than 500 people belonging to the Sosum and Hassanabad villages of Karimabad valley started the reconstruction of the Hassanabad bridge on a self help basis.

The bridge was damaged in the 2010 floods and since then the people have been using wooden plunks put over the river as the government failed to rebuild the damaged bridge so far. Of late, this wooden bridge was also damaged forcing the vehicular traffic to cross the river to reach their destinations.

Talking to this scribe, former district naib nazim Sultan Shah said the people had time and again approached the elected representatives, including the MNA and the MPA and also visited the offices of the concern departments but none of them paid any heed to their demands. He said that after disappointment from the lawmakers, the people decided to construct the bridge on a self help basis.

The people also collected donations from some NGOs to purchase wooden pieces to construct the bridge. Hundreds of  people came from Karimabad, Sosum valley and Hassanabad village and participated in the construction work. They completed the basic work on the bridge and would fix wooden plunks over the river within a day or two.

A local contractor told this scribe that if the C&W department built the bridge it would cost around Rs.2 million. Muahammad Ali, a local social worker, said that residents of the area were frustrated over the apathy of their elected representatives and that is why the residents had started the construction of the bridge and road on a self help basis.

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  1. dear Gul Sambar sahib
    i don’t criticize as it is the issue of half million population of Chitral .the SRSP contribution to construct waiting room both side at the mouth of tunnel is not enough but the matter how to run it on sustainable basis so that most of passengers can benefit of all weather season.
    yes i don’t afraid whenever the concern organization feel indispensable then my services are available to run it for the seek of all chitralis.
    shahzada ibrahim
    managing Director.
    NCCB Pakistan

  2. Dear Pirdzada Sahib, I was there too. SRSP had contributed enough wood for the winters to have the place heated and its all lying over there. I dont think they should be using it now when the pass is open. I also wonder why you do not contribute towards running the place. Its none of SRSPs responsibility to run it after all there are hundreds of people using it. Cannot the well off like you( your website shows it) also start contributing towards such objectives instead of becoming the armchair critic

  3. the communities of karimabad set an example for other people the concept of collective work and we should appreciate and encourage them for such positive joint venture at the larger interest of local people.but unfortunately some NGOS working in chitral made the communities as spoon feeding and parasite as they do not ready to perform any activity or community oriented projects without money.we request to such NGOs please do not offer fish to eat communities but teach them how to catch fish.
    shahzada ibrahim pirzada
    managing Direcror
    NCCB Pakistan

    1. congratulation to the people of karimabad and we salute their passion and courage.They set the same example as the peoples of mastuj valley showed by constructing the KRUI DARI road mastuj

  4. People of Karimabad must be congratulated for their valor and spirit of self help in the freezing cold. This is a befitting response to the indifference of public agencies. This exmaple should be followed by the rest of us.

  5. It shows the indifferent nature of our so called representatives…they don’t care about anyone except themselves…busy in making black money nd enjoying their tenur..the act of these ppl is actually the slap on MPA Salim Khan’s face…please sir fazool mein corruption k jhutay bayanaat dainay k bajaya focuse on your duties as elected representative…it will save ur future….

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