THQ hospital Drosh unable to cater to patients


DROSH, Jan 9: The Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Drosh, which caters to over 100,000 people of the second largest town of Chitral, is facing numerous problems thanks to the apathy of the government towards equipping it with even basic facilities. According to officials, most of the posts in the hospital also remained vacant. They said 25 posts of medical officers were sanctioned while only seven were available now. The number of paramedics and class-four staff was also less than 30 per cent of the approved posts. Similarly, no specialist doctor is available at the hospital due to which people of the area have to go to the DHQ hospital Chital. The THQ hospital has one old ambulance which is also out of function and parked on the hospital premises due to lack of maintenance. DSC01354Talking to this ChitralToday, Dr Fazal Rabbani, the in-charge medical officer of THQ hospital, said the shortage of staff, particularly medical officers, needed immediate attention because a large number of patients come to the hospital and it was not possible for the handful of doctors to entertain them. He added that the hospital ambulance was totally out of order. Dr Rabani said the hospital was also facing shortage of water which had a bad effect on the cleanliness of the compound. Similarly, the provision of 130 KV electric generator was needed for the emergency functioning of the hospital’s facilities. He said that the hospital laboratory was fully equipped satisfactory. Dr Rabbani claimed that though there was a shortage of manpower but the existing staff members were working with a commitment due to which the functioning of the hospital had improved a lot. He said the hospital was getting medicines as per approved quota but THQ needed an increase in it. Solar energy panels were installed in the hospital which were low in capacity otherwise it could have resolved the lightning issue, he added. Social circles of the area demanded the provincial government give attention towards this hospital and resolve its issues. The availability of specialist doctors would not only facilitate the local people but would also help in controlling the patient load on the DHQ hospital. A patient in the hospital said it was strange the hospital could not work at the desired level. He said the patients were not being given medicines in the emergency unit. The public circles said it was shameful that despite making tall claims the PTI provincial government had failed to bring an improvement in the health sector. The THQ hospital could not get any attention so far. A woman patient said the condition of the waiting room for women was deplorable. It is an open place without any door and windows. The public circles have asked the hospital administration to allocate fund from the VHC to improve the condition of the women waiting room. They also demanded the provision of a new ambulance and an increase in the quota of medicines for the hospital.]]>

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  1. wali ahmed says

    Ae chitral o ghareeb brarginiyan fund mo mashkur kiya faida niki paisa mpa aur mna o jeepo bini.. kiagh ki milav boyan phik biti Hal bor khudai ot hawala kori…

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