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A rolling stone…

I the 2008 elections, Gulam Muhammad had the honor to represent the people of upper Chitral in the provincial assembly on the ticket of PML-Q and enjoyed the five luxurious years of his tenure. letterThen at the end of the government, he suddenly decided to contest elections 2013 from the most popular platform of Musharraf’s APML, where he hardly served for one year and was sent back to the pavilion by his rival Sardar Hussain. I am not so shocked that GM has changed the party and now joined the JUI. What I am thinking about is that what kind of ideology he has. We don’t have to show any evidence and documentary proof. It is clear that GM has changed parties and ideologies for three times like one changes clothes in a week. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” the picture shows clear that GM was not loyal with any party, especially with Muhsin e Chitral Parvez Musharaf. These people are just in the party for their own personal interests. These kinds of people have no ideology but have popular slogan: “Interests are permanent than friends.” To be realistic, it’s my wish that GM may spend his rest of time in the JUI and stand loyal with the party. Ali Nawaz Peshawar University]]>

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  1. Ali Nawaz says

    wali ahmad bro you will see the future of APML very soon .But what I am worried about “what would be the future of GM” so u people have to care about that…Sath chalna hair to talwar utana mri tarah -muj se buzdil keep hemayat nai hona wali

    1. wali ahmed says

      Ali nawaz my dear u don’t need to worry about GM’s future he very well know wat to do or wat not to do..I’m not concern about any party wat my concern is only GM…me nd my whole family will support GM till the end….

  2. wali ahmed says

    Ali nawaz my brother plz make ur self correct pml q was perveiz Musharraf’s party in 2008 elections..after elections perveiz Musharraf make his own party by the name of apml…GM including Shazada nd all party members joined apml as they all were supportive perveiz Musharraf not chaudary biradaran…GM moved along the party not individually…so y u r only pointing GM y not others??? Yes he has changed the party now as apml has no future in political scenario of Pakistan…there is no harm in it as Shazada muhaidin has changed the party many times…if u ppl r not pointing fingers on him then y u r criticizing GM…its very clear 4rm ur opinion dat u ppl r infact scared of GM’s popularity dats y u r making false alligations against him..u ppl just came here to defame GM…make sure one thing u ll not b successful this time…

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