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Teacher and society

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact on the lives of their students.  TeacherCD080406FJ1Teaching is considered to be a prophetic occupation and they are extremely important facet of any society for many reasons. They are the ones who educate the youth of the society which is considered to be a great responsibility. He can enrich the younger generation of the society with power of knowledge and intellect. Teacher is the person who makes them capable of imagining their future life ahead.  So we can say that the role of a teacher in any society is quite significant and valuable. A person opts for teaching profession, must be competent enough, morally upright and also knowledgeable. The role of a teacher is numerous and challenging as he is known inside school and also observed outside by this disciples. Studies reveals and it also observed in our surroundings that a hard working and visionary teacher is always admired by the students and general society. There is also an argument that an incompetent teacher is an embodiment of a corrupt and bungling nation. When a child starts schooling, he considers his teacher as a role model and tries to copy him at home. As he is role model for the whole nation so he should be very careful in all his conducts and dealings with others. The role of the teacher is obvious very crucial and has long lasting impact in the life of youngsters of any society. As human being he is also part of this society and in return he urges for respect in morally and need to be financially sound. But in our society its is inopportune for us that we haven’t bestowed that much respect and value that this profession deserves. In Pakistan the teaching profession is still considered to be a profession where those who has been rejected from other fields of life, they opt for teaching. It’s quite alarming and painful for us as a nation. We need to take certain bold steps to stream line our education system regarding the compensation/salaries of the teachers and their thoroughly training program. In KP, the government has commenced monitoring & evaluation system. I appreciate this step and advise other provinces to implement the same system in other as well in order to bring certain level of improvement. But this is not enough; the education department also needs to make a grand plan on priority basis for the training of the teachers.]]>

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