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Iftikhar richest among four lawmakers from Chitral

PESHAWAR, Jan 8: The assets decelerations released by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) show that Member National Assembly (MNA) from NA-32 Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin is richest among the four lawmakers from the district. iftikharThe declarations showed that the MNA owned the third portion of a house at F/10 sector of Islamabad worth Rs.30 million. Iftikhar’s asset submission also showed that he has been paying Rs.44,000 property tax for this portion of the house. However, it also notes that his father is yet to transfer other property to him. The MNA also owns equity funds worth Rs.4 million in the Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), jewellery worth Rs.280,000, cash Rs.3.8 million, furniture, fittings and articles of personal use worth Rs.3 million. His debts and liabilities amounted to Rs.2.4 million he has to pay to his two brothers. However, his declarations did not show any vehicle owned by the lawmaker. Last year in his declarations, the MNA had said he owned a Honda Civic. Member provincial assembly from PK-89 Chitral Salim Khan owns four properties – a house worth Rs.2.6 million in Chitral, 10 marla plot in Islamabad worth Rs.4.1 million, agricultural land in Chitral valuing Rs.6.5 million and a residential house in Chitral worth Rs.3.3 million. Mr Khan’s declaration listed Golden Estate, Rawalpindi, worth Rs.1 million and a general store in Garam Chashma worth Rs.800,000 as his business capital in the country. He also owns a jeep valuing Rs.500,000, three tola gold worth Rs.126,000 and furniture, fittings and items of personal use estimated to be worth Rs.150,000. Salim Khan has Rs 50,000 cash in hand while another Rs.410,000 in three bank accounts in Chitral and Peshawar. He also has debt worth Rs 1.5 million borrowed from Bank of Khyber (BoK) Chitral branch to purchase a car. Sardar Hussain, MPA from PK-90, has listed two properties in his name. His house at Booni has been priced at Rs.2 million and he also owns 12 kanals of agriculture land worth Rs.12 million. He also owns a Suzuki jeep priced  Rs.400,000, Rs.50,000 cash and Rs.150,000 in two bank accounts in Chitral and Peshawar and furniture and other items of personal use worth Rs.50,000. MPA Fozia Bibi has listed a property worth Rs.1.2 million inherited from her father, a Toyota car worth Rs.1.1 million, Rs.600,000 cash in hand and Rs.40,000 prize bonds. Also have a look here:]]>

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