Arandu residents seek protection from cross-border rival attacks

DROSH, Jan 8: Rivals attack a house in Lachi Gram village of tehsil Arandu. droshAccording to details reaching here, armed with heavy weapons, including RPG, the assailants attacked the house of Sher Zaman, son of Muhammad Azim. At least three rockets were fired on the house but one of them could not explode. However, the residential compound received bullets of heavy machine-guns. Haji Sher Zareen, a known social worker of Damail area, told ChitralToday that the house of his relative Sher Zaman was attacked by Khaista Rehman, son of Khaista Khan, who also hailed from the same area. Due to a dispute over a piece of land in Lachi Gram, Khaista Rehman and few other families left the area and settled in nearby areas of Afghanistan some 10 years back. Later, a local jirga resolved the dispute and the other families returned to their own area. However, Khaista Rehman never agreed with the decision of the jirga. Haji Sher Zarin said Khaista Rehman was a criminal and wanted to harass the local people by attacking them with heavy weapons. He said that this was not for the first time as such attacks were carried out by the local people who had left their homes and settled in Afghanistan. He added that the dwellers of the border area were loyal to Pakistan and had weapons and arms for self-defence which were taken over by the government. However, the government was not providing any security to them. He asked the authorities either to allow them to keep weapons for self-defence or ensure their security from the cross-border attacks.  ]]>

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