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GM says Salim Khan is 'Baba of 40 thieves'

ISLAMABAD, Jan 7: Former member provincial assembly Ghulam Muhammad on Wednesday strongly reacted to corruption allegations leveled against him by rival Salim Khan of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), declaring him ‘Salim Baba of 40 thieves’ for selling out jobs as provincial minister for population welfare during his party government. Ghulam_Mohammed_MPA_Chitral_2Talking to this correspondent on phone from Chitral, he stated that the legal notice through which Salim wanted to intimidate him was about to be served on him before he consulted his wizards as he had to expose him for the corruption he had done. “He (Salim) has threatened me to serve Rs100 million legal notice but I want to tell him that I am going to serve Rs200 million legal notice on him for maligning me with baseless allegations which have no basis,” he added. He said Salim is the man who opened a general store namely Injigan Super store in Chitral bazaar by obtaining Rs300,000 from a bank before entering politics while he (GM) had started business since 1978. “Before trying to take pride in his political career, I would like to tell him (Salim) to be grateful to Prince Muhiuddin who hand-picked him as deputy district mayor due to unavoidable circumstances as he’d no capacity to hold such a lucrative position,” he maintained. He also advised former provincial minister to have a look at his asset details he had submitted to Election Commission of Pakistan before contesting 2008 and then 2013 general elections – a clear picture of he had back in 2008 and today, and this will be enough to expose his honesty. He recalled that Salim must not forget that he is the man who borrowed Suzuki potohar jeep having soft top from one Sardar Hussain of Lotkoh to attend the first session of KP Assembly in 2008 while he (GM) was the man who came to the assembly in a zero meter Toyota Salon worth Rs1400,000. “This used to be your condition Mr Salim, so you better think twice before accusing me of corruption as I’m the man who owned everything before entering politics. I’d a luxury house in Booni, Chitral and Islamabad besides having scores of more vehicles,” he lamented. According to Ghulam Muhammad, how Salim amassed turned a wealthiest man after having only one as MPA and managed to build a grand bungalow in Sinlasht by purchasing a land besides reconstructing his mud houses at Kandojal, Lokuh. The former MPA accused Salim of embezzlement by drawing five percent commission from his discretionary funds in the name of party. He demanded a probe should be initiated against him whether he deposited Rs10 million in party’s account collected during the five years. “This is just a peanut as he (Salim) also got Rs10 million from the federal government but he never used the money for development of the area while I had Rs50 million which I used for people’s welfare by declaring TMA Mastuj as executing agency for properly utilizing the funds,” he maintained. He reiterated that the former minister sold out jobs from Rs70,000 to 200,000 depending upon the post, while his lucky stars glowing when he sold out 700 vacant post of family planning department. He substantiated his claim by giving reference of a former MPA Shazia Tamas press conference, in which she accused him of selling the jobs. “It was this man who talks tall today who had to run away when he was grilled by MPs on the floor of the assembly for selling jobs,” he regretted. Ghulam Muhammad made it clear to Salim that he would serve a separate legal notice of Rs200 million if he failed to prove the allegations of corruption Booni-Mastuj road, adding he should have initiated investigation against him he was involved in smuggling of wheat to Afghanistan as it was his party government while he was in opposition. “I challenge you Mr Salim to come up with concrete evidence if you think I’m corrupt but let me tell you openly and loudly that I’m going to expose you for the corruption you’ve done with documentary evidence,” he maintained.]]>

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