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'King of corruption' should not point fingers at others: Salim Khan

BOONI, Jan 6: Former provincial minister and MPA from lower Chitral Salim Khan on Tuesday said the corruption allegations levlled against him by former MPA from upper Chitral Haji Ghulam Muhammad were baseless and he would soon be issuing him a legal notice. salimTalking to ChitralToday, the MPA said he would very soon not only issue a rebuttal but would also move the court of law against Ghulam Muhammad for accusing him of corruption. He said Haji Sahib was the uncrowned king of corruption and everyone knew very well how he became billionaires. He said in order to conceal his own corruption, Haji Sahib had decided to join the JUI-F and wear the cloak of a religious leader. He said millions of rupees were to be recovered from the former MPA and his agents involved in the misuse of funds in the construction of the Govt Degree College for Girls Booni. Salim Khan said due to the embezzlement of Rs.90 million by Ghulam Muhammad and his handpicked contractors, the Booni Gol water channelization project, which he (Salim Khan) had got approved, fell prey to corruption and hit snags. The MPA said he had also got approved the construction of the Yarkhun road through the FWO but GM and his coteries also misused the funds and spoiled the project. He also alleged that all the contractors involved in the corruption case of Torkhow and Mulkhow roads’ construction had pointed fingers at Ghulam Muhammad in front of the NAB investigators. He said clues to all corruption cases in Chitral led to Ghulam Muhammad in one way or the other. Salim Khan said Ghulam Muhammad was the MPA from upper Chitral and the contractor of food department at the same time. He said early in 2008 15 trucks loaded with wheat meant for Chitral were caught at Arandu while going to Afghanistan. After that, he alleged, GM started black-marketing the wheat meant for Chitral in different parts of Punjab. He said GM had taken votes by claiming Pervez Musharraf as the benefactor of Chitral but when Musharraf was facing difficult time he betrayed him and joined the JUI. The MPA said JUI was a party of religious people but GM’s joining of the party would greatly spoil its image. He said the central leadership of the JUI should take notice of the matter and expel GH from the party before it is too late.]]>

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