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CHITRAL, Jan 6: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly has passed a bill resolving the long-standing demand of all Secondary School Teachers Association regarding time scale, service structure and other benefits. tariqTalking to here, Syed Tariq Qasim, the secretary information, All Secondary School Teachers Association Chitral, said under the new law: “All the SSTs will be appointed in BPS 16 but if they have second class master degree they will be directly appointed in BPS 17”. On the completion of seven years service, they will be upgraded to BPS 18 and to BPS 19 after 19 years of service. Mr. Tariq added that on behalf of the district Chitral chapter of SST association he would like to thank the provincial government for resolving the long-standing demand of Secondary School Teachers. He also requested all SSTs to deposit their subscription of Rs.1000 immediately so that legal intricacies regarding the quick implementation of the process could be carried out. He asked the SSTs to contact SST Sanaullah, Abdul Hafeez, Chitral, Imtiaz Ur Rehman, Mastuj and Akbar Khan Drosh.]]>

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