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GM jumps on JUI-F bandwagon, at last

BOONI, Jan 4: Former MPA Ghulam Muhammad here on Sunday finally publicly announced his decision to join the JUI-F of Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

In this regard, a gathering was held at the PTDC where a large number of people, including JUI-F district leaders and activists were present. Ghulam Muhammad’s supporters belonging to the Ismaili community also attended the gathering in a large number and many of them announced to also join the religious party. Salamat Khan from Booni Gol told the gathering that he along with all his Zondray tribe was also joining the JUI-F.

With him, Rahmat Alim, retired Subedars Jalal, Sultan Amir, Abdul Qadir, Zafar, Alwaiz Mirza Ali, Worbali, Subedar Qadir, Didar Wali, Rahmat Ali Shah, Mahboob from the Ismaili also joined the JUI. Mehrban Nabi, Paigham Nabi, Rahmat and Sher Momin from Meragram No 1 and Awi also announced to join the JUI-F.

Speaking on the occasion, Qari Abdur Rehman Qureshi, the district Amir of the JUI-F, Maulana Abdul Shakoor, JUI-F Chitral general secretary, Qari Fidaur Rehman, JUI-F general secretary Mastuj, and Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir from Drosh welcomed the former MPA in their party. They also said the joining of the JUI by the Ismaili community supports of Ghulam Muhammad would not only strengthen the party but would also promote sectarian harmony both in lower and upper Chitral.

Addressing the gathering, Ghulam Muhammad said he was joining the JUI-F as a common worker and would continue serving the people of his area. He said even before joining the JUI-F, he had good relations with both the district and provincial leadership of the party. He said he had taken the decision to join the religious party after consulting his friends, party supporters and members of his tribe.

He said that when he was the MPA he did lots of development work in upper Chitral while his counterpart from lower Chitral, Mr Salim Khan, remained busy in corruption and even sold the class four government posts for Rs.70,000 to Rs.200,000 each. He said except corruption Salim Khan did nothing and even the Golen water supply project was initiated by former JUI-F MPA Maulana Abdur Rehman.

Ghulam Muhammad also criticized MPA Sardar Hussain of the PPP, saying he (GM) had got approved the Booni sanitation project but Sardar Hussain reconstructed a road to his own house using the funds of the project. This is the height of corruption, he regretted. After the gathering, the JUI leaders met ANP chitral senior vice-president Shah Wazir Lal and invited him to join the JUI which he accepted.

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