GM jumps on JUI-F bandwagon, at last

BOONI, Jan 4: Former MPA Ghulam Muhammad here on Sunday finally publicly announced his decision to join the JUI-F of Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

In this regard, a gathering was held at the PTDC where a large number of people, including JUI-F district leaders and activists were present. Ghulam Muhammad’s supporters belonging to the Ismaili community also attended the gathering in a large number and many of them announced to also join the religious party. Salamat Khan from Booni Gol told the gathering that he along with all his Zondray tribe was also joining the JUI-F.

With him, Rahmat Alim, retired Subedars Jalal, Sultan Amir, Abdul Qadir, Zafar, Alwaiz Mirza Ali, Worbali, Subedar Qadir, Didar Wali, Rahmat Ali Shah, Mahboob from the Ismaili also joined the JUI. Mehrban Nabi, Paigham Nabi, Rahmat and Sher Momin from Meragram No 1 and Awi also announced to join the JUI-F.

Speaking on the occasion, Qari Abdur Rehman Qureshi, the district Amir of the JUI-F, Maulana Abdul Shakoor, JUI-F Chitral general secretary, Qari Fidaur Rehman, JUI-F general secretary Mastuj, and Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir from Drosh welcomed the former MPA in their party. They also said the joining of the JUI by the Ismaili community supports of Ghulam Muhammad would not only strengthen the party but would also promote sectarian harmony both in lower and upper Chitral.

Addressing the gathering, Ghulam Muhammad said he was joining the JUI-F as a common worker and would continue serving the people of his area. He said even before joining the JUI-F, he had good relations with both the district and provincial leadership of the party. He said he had taken the decision to join the religious party after consulting his friends, party supporters and members of his tribe.

He said that when he was the MPA he did lots of development work in upper Chitral while his counterpart from lower Chitral, Mr Salim Khan, remained busy in corruption and even sold the class four government posts for Rs.70,000 to Rs.200,000 each. He said except corruption Salim Khan did nothing and even the Golen water supply project was initiated by former JUI-F MPA Maulana Abdur Rehman.

Ghulam Muhammad also criticized MPA Sardar Hussain of the PPP, saying he (GM) had got approved the Booni sanitation project but Sardar Hussain reconstructed a road to his own house using the funds of the project. This is the height of corruption, he regretted. After the gathering, the JUI leaders met ANP chitral senior vice-president Shah Wazir Lal and invited him to join the JUI which he accepted.

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  1. Bravo man bravo…v luv u haji sab our vote will always be your’s whether u r with any party or contest independently….IA u will be our next representative….

  2. im fully agreed with sameer’s statement. its 100pc true that prince muhiuddin and his son iftikhar sb won the election because of Haji Ghulam mohd sb. now we will see if iftikhar wins the next election without Haji sb. Haji sb took good decision to join the the JUI and im sure inshallah he will win the next election. JUI has 10380 vote bank plus haji sb brotheri plus alot of ismaili community joined the JUI because of haji sb. and its good impression between suni and ismaili community. well done haji sb and best wishes for ur future.

  3. PPP party activists are very happy on GMs decision to join JUI as they think that this is the end of the GMs political career. They are of the view that GM will not be welcomed in JUI, because he will bring rift in the party by using his money to influence decisions in the central and provincial chapter of the party by bypassing the local leadership, which has always been his way of work.
    In my view since Sardar Hussain has been unimpressive and has not been upto expectations, GMs decision to JUI will help PTI in Chitral Upper. The cause of this is that in absence of GM and decline of APML the other reasonable choice will be PTI. We also have seen that in the last elections PTI was neck to neck with APML and PPP in most of the upper area polling stations.
    However Sikendar ul mulk who had fought elections independently will now be close to his son in law and become strong contender for provincial seat.

  4. This is called dirty politics !! where you find benefit the choice is your’s. i don’t think this man got wrong. He knows that there is no future of APML in Chitral.
    second thing is that the reporter did wrong by putting the names of the people of the zondray tribe, i think it’s unnessary because it make discrimination. As the quran say ”every human being are equals”. last he highlight the ismaili community that joined the JUI F. this is good step toward peace and harmony among two community of the region.
    long live chitral
    long live pakistan !!

  5. My dear frnd u have wrong information GM never use his tribe for his political is a fact that zondray tribe is one of the big tribe in chitral so if they r supporting him it doesnt mean dat he is creating any misunderstanding between the is also the fact dat he has his personal vote bank majority of yuht ppl r his supporters…in the recent elections only few of his tribe supported him rest gave vote to sarder hussain bcoz of religion as most of zondray tribe is ismaili.

  6. With departure of GM prince Muhiuddin’s leagcy in Chitral politics is closed forever. Iftikharuddin is not fit for politics while prince has been sidelined wilfully by Iftikhar’s in laws for their own vested interest. Now, Iftikhar will plant Sikander for upper Chitral. Someone has rightly pointed out that APML will no invester to strengthen a party as money matters alot in politics. JUIF has certainly emerged as a stroger political party. GM’s political strategy is a well thoughout attack on his political rivals like Sardar Husain and company while prince party has become politcally orphan at a very critical juncture. Good job man, congrats!!

    1. Karim Aman, it is astonishing for me people like you have no religion. You seemed APML’s general secretary and appreciating Former Army Chief and his contibutions in the last election loudly criticizing MPA sardar hussain but with changing of GM you re not different for me than MAwlana Karim U Rehman. what happened with you man the sympathizer of G Musharaf. I feel pitty that you will vote for Mawlana Disel whose party track record is in front of us what they did in 1982 with Ismaili community. It was totally unbelievable for me that people do fall in such low category. Really you people are the bunch of opputunists.

  7. Pervez’s father Mohauidin won because of GM’s personal vote bank. it was GM to brought father and son in to the parliament . GM has taken a right decision and this will bring love, harmony and peace among communities in Chitral. GM was the big investor for prince Muhauidin and his son Iftikhar who won seat. we appreciate his decision. At least he left someone has taken step and fly away.Now Mr. prince has to find other investor. I am sure this will be last time for mohauidn and family.

    1. Dear Ghulam Muhammad was introduced for the first time in Chitral’s politics in 2008 by Shahzada sahib. Shahzada Mohiuddin family has been contesting elections in Chitral since 1977 , it is clear to all people of Chitral that who introduced who in politics. In 2008 Shahzada Muhiuddin awarded ticket to GM against the wishes of his supporters who wanted the senior Saeed Ahmed from Torkhow to contest. GM his self is a nice person but during recent years some of his supporters especially those who belonged to his own tribe distroyed his image. Qam Parasti which never existed in Chitrals politics was introduced by some of GMs relatives. GM should have disassociated him self from those relatives but he didnt and the result was all other major tribes in sub division turned against him. During the recent elections the Qam Parasti card was played very well by his supporters and my brother Sardar Hussains supporters. But Both will always be remembered in Chitrals history for their negative role and promoting tribe centered politics in Chitral. Shahzada Muhiuddin group should thank God that they have got rid of the allegation of “Ei Qamo Khaka Donian”. It provides them with opportunity to rebuild their strong and decades old relationship with sub division. GM is not the first one , before him many people from Biyar and Torkhow were active in Chitrals politics under the strong Muhiuddin groups patron ship. But history is witness those who have left Shahzada sahib found nothing else but disgrace in politics. Any how best wishes to GM

  8. APML got rid of a shit which was making the whole party dirty with his corruption. Im wonder how and why Pervvaiz had select this man for his party.

    1. Mister mind ur language…y u r not allowed to criticise on personal basis…..APML has no future in political scenario of Pakistan nd GM is leaving the party I think there is no harm on it..

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