Too young to shoulder big burdens


S. N. Peerzada

BOONI, Dec 30: Sher Baz Khan, nine years old and a student of class 5, left his house in a hamlet called Bojum near Brok village of the Laspur valley to work as a labourer in Booni during the three-month-long winter vacation. 

Talking to ChitralToday here, Sher Baz, son of Daulat Khan, said his mother died a few years ago and his sick father worked as a labourer but was unable to meet the expenses of the family.

He said his elder brother was physically disabled and could not work.

Sher Baz said soon after the closure of his school, his father sent him to Booni to work as a labourer so that the family can pay the Rs.9,000 dues of the community busy in the construction of a powerhouse in his village.

He said the owner of the Tandoor in Booni, where he is working, is paying him Rs.50 per day. But Sher Baz is worried how he would be able to arrange the Rs.9,000 when he would be going back home in March.

When night falls and all go home, this poor kid sleeps in a room adjacent to the Tandoor all alone.

  1. Imaduddin says

    AC Booni left a great example for others. Apnai leia to sub he jetaihain is jahan ma.Hai zindagi ka maqsad ouroon ka kam ana.

  2. KASHI (Islamabad) says

    well done peerzada, we need to highlight these kind of issues, and you try to help out, and i also appreciate the donors who helped the young boy.and lastly I want to thnx chitraltoday who gave us a marvelous platform to share our views and opinions. may Allah bless u all and give us generosity to help out others,…thnx
    kashi (ilsamabad)

  3. ChitralToday says

    An amount of Rs.12,000 sent by Salahuddin Raza and his friend from Malaysia have reached Chitral and the AC Mastuj at Booni has announced to pay the dues of the community owed by the boy’s father amounting to Rs.9,000. Besides, the additional assistant commissioner announced to bear the educational expenses of the kid. The AC also ordered that the boy should be taken to his house in an official police escort on Thursday.
    ChitralToday thanks all friends and the administration of Booni for their sympathy with this boy. We wish best of luck and a prosperous future for Sher Baz Khan and hope that he would now continue his education with a peace of mind.

    1. NS Din says

      I appreciate SN Perzada for reporting this and chitraltoday for taking real issues up..Mr Salahuddin Raza and his friend’s generosity is acknowledged and believed that these will come to you in multiplied way. Tehsil administration proved to be philanthropist and knowledge lovers. Salute to Minhasuddin and Sir Saleh. it is unprecedented example you set forth for civil servants. My honest gratitude for all.

    2. REHANA says

      well done Asst Commissoner for your generous offer to pay for this poor boys school fees. You are indeed a kind man. Happy New Year to all.

  4. Waqar Ahmed says

    Great initiative Saleh lal. God will pay you back hundred times. Chitraltoday and its reporter will also share His countless blessings for this noble cause.

  5. Salahuddin Raza says

    I have sent Rs9000 plus Rs3,000 donated by my friend here (total Rs.12000). The amount has reached Chitral and my brother Babar will coordinate with ChitralToday reporter at Booni to hand over the money to the little boy.
    Salahuddin Raza

  6. Shamsuddin says

    Can civil society and other well off people play role in this regard? if we remember a little girl of Torkhow suffering from cancer died a couple of months ago due to non availability of money for blood transfusion, her parents had requested for financial support but no body supported. The civil society and well off people, who are spending a lot of money for purchase toys for their children, had to support to save the life of that girl. Similarly, parents of female students belonging to Yarkhon have narrated their story in press conference who are unabble to pay the tuition fee of their daughters. Sher Baz Khan’s story is another episode of our senselessness. If we want we can easily handle such social issues.

  7. Masood khan says

    Salam, kindly email me his information, i would like to help.

  8. Booni says

    S.N. Peerzada please call me at 03335988898

  9. Ali Safdar says

    Allah tatain khair korar wa oshak gano ta sora motarar. We should come forward to help this little angel and should not leave it to the government which is already struggling to cater for millions of children.

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