MNA Iftikhar has nothing to do with provincial projects: PTI

BOONI, Dec 28: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral president Abdul Lateef has dispelled the impression that MNA Iftikhar Uddin has any role in the development activities initiated by the provincial government in Chitral. Abdul Latif copyTalking to (ChitralToday), the PTI leader said in the 21st century no one can fool the masses with the jugglery of words. “The honourable MNA should note that he is elected to safeguard the interest of the people of Chitral at the federal level but he himself has confessed that he could not protect the interests of Chitral as being the lone MNA of former military ruler’s APML, he was not being listened to in the parliament. But at the same time, the MNA wants to take credit of every development activity in Chital.” Mr Lateef added that can a man with tied hands do so many things? He clarified that the upgradation of the Booni hospital and the investigation into the the alleged corruption in the Torkhow and Mastuj road projects were discussed with Chief Minister Pervez Khattak soon after he took charge as the chief executive of the province. The chief minister immediately directed the concerned authorities to probe the matter. The PTI Chitral president said the MNA once also attended a meeting of the PTI Chitral leaders with the chief minister because of former MPA  Haji Ghulam Muhammad who was supporting the provincial government at that time. However, the MNA could not get any opportunity to attend more meetings after Ghulam Muhammad was unseated from the assembly. “In this scenario, any claim on the part of the MNA  is childish to say the least,” he added. The PTI president further said that instead of  claiming credit for the projects of provincial government, the MNA should concentrate his efforts on the issues related to the federal government because Islamabad is treating Chitral with discrimination besides creating hurdles in the execution of mega projects such as the Lawi hydel and the Lowari tunnel projects. Mr Lateef also criticized the sitting MNA for his role in making the SRSP disputed with his political interference. He said the SRSP  was an NGO mandated to serve the people of KP, including Chitral, irrespective of their political affiliation but “every day the murmuring of  the MNA about its activities is making this organization disputed.” He advised the  MNA to use the clout of Pervez Musharraf to bring funds to Chitral as he had promised during his election campaign instead of taking credit for things which he has nothing to do with.]]>

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  1. This is our own fault we Chitralis have always done this since long. The MNA is not to be blamed, he is difficult situation being a lone Musaharaf party MP in the Parliment. Even if Latif have been in the assembly matters would have been even worse as he might have resigned by now as per PTI policy.

  2. Shahzada Iftikharuddin sb is one of the most honest political leaders in Chitral. He has been updating general public about his activities through social media and has been pursuing development of Chitral at every platform. Latif sahib who is responsible for dividing PTI into two groups in Chitral. The PTI leader who is also active member of timber mafia in Chitral should focus on his forest case where he has been awarded a fine of 2 crore for wrongdoings in Acholga Forest. Shahzda sahib is not corrupt like them at least and speaks truth.

    1. I agree with you brother. But we don’t need just Honest people. Almost 98% of people in my village are honest. But are they capable of leading us and transforming us into a developed District? No. Iftikarudin is perhaps the most ineffective and ‘Farigh’ MNA in the national Assembly. The day he was elected I wrote on this website that Now you have elected someone who cannot even know what to do and how to do so sit back relax and enjoy for 5 years where you will get nothing in 5 years.

  3. Muhammad Jahangir khan Chinar Mastuj..
    Unfortunately all the political parties in chitral and their leadership totally failed to solve the issues of the people of chitral including the Pti leadership.They are just busy in blame politic inorder to secure their position in the party and are diverting the attentions of the people by hilighting the minor issues infront of the public. The political parties in chitral and their leadership need serious attention to solve the major issues which the people are facing and should stop the kitchen politic….

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