After CIADP, where the assets go?


CHITRAL, Dec 28: The Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme (CIADP), a Norwegian-funded mega project, has ultimately wrapped up its projects in the valley. According to available details, the project was funded by the Norwegian government through its embassy in Pakistan and the services of private grant management company – THRIVE – were hired to manage the project in coordination with the district government. The grant management company, having its main office in Islamabad, opened fully equipped Project Management Unit (PMU) in Chital for which assets worth millions of rupees were purchased. These assets included luxury vehicles, computers and other required machines, laptops, photocopiers and other office machines, furniture and fixtures, electric generators etc. assetsThe required machines, tools and equipment were also purchased for different sections, including the engineering department. All these assets were made under the Norwegian funds for Chitral under the Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme. Sources close to THRIVE told ChitralToday on the condition of anonymity that the vehicles were purchased and registered in the name of THRIVE and the firm wished to get all the assets back to Islamabad. However, the firm would give some minor assets like furniture and fixtures to the district government. It was also known from sources that THRIVE was thinking to gradually shift out all the assets, including the costly vehicles. However, the district administration was now looking into the matter. It may be noted that all the assets made under the CIADP project were aimed to benefit the people of Chitral and even after the closure of the project the assets must be given to Chitral. Therefore, people of Chitral are of the opinion that the district administration should take it very seriously and also inquire about the assets sent to Islamabad which were purchased through the funds of CIADP. All such assets should be brought back and used for the benefit the people of of the valley. Also read here:]]>

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  1. Pro Bono Publico says

    These should be handed over to Local Support Organizations, specially to those which are located in the far flung areas of Chitral. District Govt is already well equipped and there is no reason to give the assets meant for community development to institutions where these will end up being used for personal gains.

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