125 suspects put behind bars in Chitral


CHITRAL, Dec 26: The Chitral police during a search operation in different parts of the valley rounded over 125 suspicious people belonging to other districts and Afghanistan. arerstThe police have started the operation on the instructions of the provincial government in the wake of the December 16 school tragedy in Peshawar. The government has announced its decision to gather data on all the Afghan nationals living in the province illegally and send them back to their country. Most of the arrested men in Chitral belonged to Afghanistan, Mohmand Agency, Bajaur and Dir. They had no valid identity documents due to which they were taken into custody. Information collected by ChitralToday from different police stations showed that 66 of the suspected people were arrested by the Drosh police, 41 by the Chitral police and 18 by the Booni police. The police rounded up these people after they failed to justify why they were staying in Chitral without any valid reason. The police produced the detained persons in the local courts from where they were sent to the judicial lock-up.—Zahiruddin/S.N. Peerzada]]>

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