Parents criticise AKES for stopping students from sitting exam

CHITRAL, Dec 25:  Some people from the Yarkhun valley here criticized the Aga Khan  Education Service (AKES) for what they said its injustices with the students from the backward area.

Addressing a press conference here, Sahib Noor, the president of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) union council Yarkhun, along with others said his daughter was a class 9th student at the AKHSS Kuragh but she was not allowed to participate in the third-term examination due to non-payment of fee on time.

He said the AKES received donations from different sources but was not allowing the ninth graders to sit the third-term examination after they defaulted on their fees. He said this move of the AKES had wasted the academic year of the students and created mental agony for the parents. He said two students were allowed after they deposited their fees but seven others were still deprived of sitting the examination. A student of 9th class,

Noorul Faryal, who was also present on the occasion, said she was stopped from participating in the third-term examination due to the non-payment of fee at the AKHHSS Kuragh even though the AKES had not sent the students any notice.

“I was severely shocked and wanted to commit suicide but my class fellows persuaded me not to take such a harsh decision saying everything would be normal,” she said. Sher Azam Khan, Sharif Khan, Akbar Khan, 

Gul Nadir, Zar Muhammad and others said that AKRSP had distributed saw machines among some local people to enable them to earn their livelihood but these machines were of such a low quality that they stopped working within three months.

They said the AKRSP had also donated some goats to the people of the valley but they could not adapt to the climate of the area and died. They also alleged that some relief goods meant for poor people were also distributed among non-deserving people.

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  1. simply ,all schools belong to AKDN only for rich people,management 100% corrupt,despite taking millions of dollar in the name of donation from (western countries and other resources ) ,people are still compelled to pay huge fees because of incompetent and corrupt people in AKDN

  2. Why to blame the principal or anyone else. the whole system is at fault, rather there is no system. there should be some authority to regulate the private educational institutions or the community must be given a role so that they can take collective decisions for the welfare of the students. This is not fair that one man goes out and stops paying fee by pure black mailing. indeed this is black mailing.

  3. @ Saeedullah.
    Mere gaun me ek Qazi huwa krta tha Wo ek dafa ksy fautgy wle gar me maujd lgon ko waz Kr tha tha usne kaha, Hazrat Allama Iqbal apne kalam me irshad farmata hai, aamal se zndgy bnty hai janat b jahnam b, ye aaml arbi lfz hai, agr iske upper zbr aye Tu ye aamal hga aur drct janat le jyga aur agr khuda nkhasta iske nche zeer aye Tu ye aamila hga aur drct jahanm ljyga. Shah sab KY ye Bt sun Kr sare bhore rone lge k Allah SB pr rhum kre kbi aamal k nche zeer na lye. Saeedullah SB na hm Wo bhre hn na AP Wo Qazi ho plz.

    1. @saira. what u r trying to say and kindly you can tell us whom you are talking about we all wna hear his this the way to discuss an an issue,,,? why You are attacking personaly? MR Saeeduallah disscussed the issue in a very nice way. i can say You have not read his comment. ist re visit his statement then pass Your comment. thnx,,,,

  4. @ Saeedullah, Gul Muhammad
    What else you can do, because you are advocating a very poor case. You don’t have solid and logical arguments to support your point of view. That is why you are trying to black mail people religiously. Please, come to the charge sheet and answer the points one by one.

  5. 1. When a Muslim comes to listen someone blaming another person, he must investigate before commenting on the side of the blamer (see verse # 6, chapter #49 of the Holy Quran)
    2. To blame someone on the basis of mere supposition is also against the teachings of the Holy Quran (see verse#12,chapter#49 of the Holy Quran)
    3. Commenting on the side of the blamer without knowing the real position of the case, comes under accusation and accusation is a big sin (see verse#11,12,13 of chapter# 24 of the Holy Quran)
    4. Again blaming someone without investigation and true information causes rebel in the earth. For people, responsible for such rebel in the earth, there is painful doom(see verse#42, chapter#42)
    Keeping in view the above mentioned Quranic verses.I would like to suggest that the complainant can say anything to justify his complaint, but those who comment should be careful and comment after thorough investigation into the matter….

  6. A debate has opened up regarding a press conference of an individual and at the same time gave an opportunity to some individuals to settle down their personal grudges against the institution and its head.
    Actually the basic right of a child is to have food, health and education to be provided by father. The father should also spread his legs according to his bed. But it is a wonderful world. Some people just make press conferences unaware of their fundamental responsibilities, but some individuals spray their wealth to help needy people. Some people take refuge behind poverty. But Poverty is not an irremediable disease or excuse.
    Comments floated on but some individual make a messy, blunt, ignorant, irrational and blind utterance willingly or unwillingly.
    All institutions worldwide have certain rules and regulations (may not be liked by everyone) regarding remission, admission and employment and nothing is provided freely in any part of the world according to the available sources. And AKDN is no exception.
    As far as opinion making is concerned it is an individual right but mudslinging is not anybody’s right. The comments by Mr. Rustam show his personal grudge, dislike, anger, frustration and ignorance. His comments are unfounded and baseless regarding remission process of the institution. For individuals like him the Holy Quran advises
    “ And pursue not that of which thou hasth no knowledge”XVII:36 the Vision P.208
    So, this honorable friend should update himself; develop himself into a rational, sensible and useful individual to serve Chitral as this land needs his worthy services.
    Mr. Ghazi Rehmat also seems to have personal poisonous grudge against the head. He is also unaware of the achievements of the institution. Students of this institution shine in different prestigious educational institutions like AKU, UET Peshawar, QAU, Islamabad, KMC, AMC, Islamia College, UP, FJ, FC, IIU, Islamabad, SZBSIST Islamabad, and many went abroad by qualifying international competitions. It speaks the standard, professionalism, dedication of the head and her extremely high competent faculty. The opinion makers must bear in mind that in this era of name and fame there still some individuals who work tirelessly to lift the nation, and for them a post says “they lay sound foundation of a nation and lift them to the sky” at the same time there are individuals who seek shelter behind dark shadows of poverty and personal grudges, for the Holy Quran say “And Allah loveth not mischief” 11.205 the Vision.
    There are many more burning issues to debate on through which Chitral is passing

  7. Mr. Shams, I mentioned three individuals in my write up Shams, Nazish and Waheed. If you closely look at the write ups Ms Nazish says and I quote her in verbatum,”Actually a well plotted attack on Aga Khan Development Network has been made through the article I reckon”. So I refered to him,any objection? Now please answer my questions.

  8. Let me make it clear in the outset that AKDN has really brought about a revolutions in the socio-economic life of the people of Chitral. The services of AKESP and that of AKHS schools are really praiseworthy. At the same time the performance of AKDN institutions; AKESP including AKHSS is not immune from omissions and commissions. All the achievements of AKHSS Kuragh should be generously appreciated at the same time the loopholes in its functioning should be duly criticized. If the blunder commited by the principal is brought to the fore our friends should not raise hue and cry. We should all work in unison for strengthening the institutions not individuals. Same is the case here. When we are criticising the principal for her actions, we are criticising her as an individual and her survival is not sacrosanct for the survival of the school. The list of omissions commited by her is very long. Only a couple of years ago,she fired a brilliant teacher belonging to the sister community without assigning any reason. The said teacher then went on to qualify three highly competitive exams in the same year. SST Science BPS 16 conducted by NTS, Assistant Professor BPS 18 in SBBU and written portion of PMS. He was followed by another female teacher from the same community. Their fault was simply that they were not ready to toe her line. Everybody knows that talented, hardworking and straightforward teachers are looked down upon, because they are not in the good book of the principal. If the contracts of the teachers were terminated, because of their incompetency, then why criminal negligence is being observed in the case of recently appointed female teacher,despite tons of complaints against her from the students. Decisions about school affairs are taken unilaterally with a kitchen cabinet comprising three Cabal members of the faculty. The comments of my respected teacher NS Din disappointed me,because he was replete with revolutionary ideas, that is why he was liked by me. Now, sir you fell by the way side and took a U-turn. I still remember your lectures and I was a twelve grader then. You used to recite Habib Jalib frequently. “Aise Dastor ko subh e be Noor ko me nhi manta, me nhi janta”. Now you have become Pervaiz Rashid in a bid to win the blessings of your Boss. Where is the revolutionary sir Shams? Please, give me back my baghi sir shams. Moreover, some of the phrases appearing in the comments have offended you, but it was you who taught us, kya chor ko me chor sahb Kahn?. And who invented the phrase, Alu boyak, sakh kishak. I’ve gone too emotional, because the school is attended by five of my cousins. I tender my apology to the readers as well.

    1. hahahahhaha.. if you read between line i have never judged the said action as right or wrong. i just said that the school provide assistance to the needy students. that was my point. i haven’t taken the cause of someone dear. it is clearly written in my statement that mistakes can be there and discuss those mistakes only never say the institution is not giving financial assistance. the same is my response to Mr Rustam and i never endorse the decision of disallowing exmas. this you need from me and this is my point still. i just said that institution provides financial assistance to needy students and that is reality. thank you all. i hereby quit the debate and only answer to those persons whom i know personally and if they used their real names instead of pseudo names. and i am sure you will no more drag me into this debate i request and i quit.

  9. it is a kind of pathological illness speeding to every part of our society, we need no reason to criticize our institutions… i don’t want to comment what the student did but i would like to say to all people who commented on this , before talking or commenting against any institution first confirm what the reality is.

  10. In the successive comments the apologists of AKESP and particularly the principal under discussion have gone well out of the track. Here no body is critising AKDN or its subsidiary organizations as institutions. Neither simply posting comments or expressing one’s views is a well plotted agenda to maligne someone. Nobody had paid Mr. Noor to hold a press conference. I wonder why highly educated people like NS Din, Nazish and Wahid are sensing the conspiracies of Yahood o Hunood like Mulana Fazl Ur Rehman. The point is very simple the principal has resorted to a very unprofessional action and has destroyed the entire career of an innocent girl. The said principal is a tiny part of well reputed international organization and is totally oblivious of working parameters of AKESP. My friend Mr. NS Din, if I am not wrong you are also a professional teacher. I would like to pose few questions to you. Was it justified on the part of principal to humiliate a teen aged girl in front of her 300,400 school fellows,merely for few thousands rupees? Has the innocent soul not lost her self esteem,confidence and concentration? Can this attitude of a head of a prestigious educational institution be categorized as professional? Will Ms. Faryal be able to pursue her studies at AKHSS after what was meted out to her? I totally agree that the press conference was unncalled for,but the decision to humiliate the poor soul was worse than that.
    And yes, my friend Wahid had gone to the extent of imposing censureship on chitraltoday and GH Farooqi. My suggestion to my friend Waheed is to go through a simple book of journalism before passing his sweeping judgment. How a press is held? Is there any possibility for a reporter, reporting a press conference to be judgmental and biased. Please, Waheed ponder over these questions and then pronounce your jughment. Ms. Nazish you don’t have courage to speak against your boss,the other AKHSSIANS have at least spoken out their hearts so they are at least better than you. We are fed with Marvy Memon and the type of Sharmila Farooqi, but unfortunately you are another Marvy and Sharmila in the making.

    1. Mr. Rustam i appreciate the way you discussed. The same is my point we must discuss the particular issue and must not beat about the bushes. My purpose of giving detail was to clear that AKESP has had certain financial assistance programs. That is it and you must agree with me. You are posing some hard question to me. I am ready to answer all theses but before that i must request you not to de-contextualize my write up. In my writing i never said that Sahib Noor was paid for press conference. those who have said this i condemn. I never believe in conspiracy theories. Keeping respect for this gentle man and without any fear let me say that he has the right to take any action for his daughter. I just said that AKESP supports needy people either they are ABC or XYZ.
      Now coming to your questions i am ready to answer your questions without fear and favour and according to educationists point of view even those went against me or some one else. but before that Mr Rustam do you have the courage to take your words back where you blamed me that i declared the PC as a conspiracy of yahoodo nasara??????? or show me where in which sentence i termed this press conference as paid plot???? please never give orchestrated statements. don’t blame please and gave meaning to words as per your will. although i dont know who are you but do respect you. i am very much clear about it …. thank you

  11. KASHI (Islamabad)
    mr dost mohd, i dont need to come to yarkhon i kknow every thing about yarkhon and the people of yarkhon valley, because i belong to yarkhon too, and maam sultana is not relative etc.but the problem is i cannt lie like you people, im telling the truth and reality. every body knows how maam sultana is, i think so she managed the school very well and every body see the out put of the school. students of AKHS Kuragh are getting more marks as compare to othere schools in the district. i have friend her name is shagufta sarwar ,she was the student of AKHS kuragh and this year she got 1st position in whole university,because of AKHS kuragh.i will give u example many like shugufta.and what should province Govt will do with the AKESP because Province Govt is getting guidelines from Aga Khan Education Sevices pakistan. .2nd thing dont use meaning less language in the social media,if you are educated person than talk like educated people…”khushbo lagay k ow na “”whats this? you are using language like truck drivers, please dont use these kind of language again,,,thnx

    1. Look Madam Kash Kashi sahiba! There are so many people who get distinctions in the university. And the distinction got by your friend is nothing new. I have a friend who also topped Peshawar university and broke 15-year record of political science deptt. He later passed CSS with flying colours. He never studied in any public school. So getting distinction by studying at a public school is not a big deal. Anyhow, these are the things that have nothing to do with the principal in question. Whatever the school has done is not fair. The provincial government getting advice from AKES, let me say with full authority, if there is any truth, the day is not far when the whole education system will completely collapse. The reason I am saying this the AKES is full of parasites. They are running the schools just like numerous other private schools.
      PS: here I would like to clarify that I am not talking about AKES Chitral only. We are proud what prestigious Aga Khan University, Karachi is doing.

  12. I have never seen many private institution to not malign poor students for fees,but akesp has scholarship progrm for deserving students even i hope akesp will have zero tolerance against those who harass children in school. AKHSS is a prestigious institution it is one among the such cases which became public, should be taken up seriously. I do hope that akesp will take notice of it otherwise we (parents) whose children have suffered will have to hold a press conference for her resignation. I would also request akesp head to take serious notice of this case of child harassment against principal.

  13. @shamsi, it’s an irony that once this person used to underline the unprofessionalism,biasness, inability and prejudice of the principal is now singing her song with beating her drums.
    The achievement of the students she can only take administrative credit not the academic credit, and she is mere principal not the founder of the institution or has given her vision to the institution. Don’t give please all credit to principal for, only the credit o maligning of the AKHSS goes to you and her.

    1. Dear Saira,
      I am nether singing nor beating drums for some one rather i shared some realities with the readers. My sole purpose was to inform the readers that the institution provides financial assistance to needy students and that is true and one can not blink this fact. I also never took the credit for the achievements of the institution rather i said it had more splendid achievement than challenges. I still stand by my those views.
      I also mentioned clearly that mistakes can be there and need to address but this particular notion is wrong that some one has been kicked out of the school due to poverty. Also i neither vilify nor glorify someone rather i shared facts and figures about the school. My focus of discussion here is institution not individuals.
      Lastly you know me so closely that i had such and such believes but i have no one with this name in my close circle with whom i have shared my such views. you must dare to use your real name instead of using pseudo name and enjoy your right to speak.

    2. Saira Banu has very rightly pointed out who is maligning the institution and who isn’t. Whatever damage has been done to AKDN institutions whether AKRSP, AKES, AKHSP, WASEP, FOCUS, etc. is solely due to a handful of opportunist lot. Some have forcibly occupied the estate office, while others have planted their men in different Imamat institutions.

  14. I have been participating AKHSS Kuragh programs. This is high prestige’s institution and provides great service for spreading Quality education. The people who are using this minor issue against the institution I don’t think they are on the right track. Every institution has their rule and policy to follow if anyone do not following the said rules, management apply the rules in the larger interest of the intuition. We always support institution not any personnel. I hope the School administration will resolve this minor issue in soft way and must resolve it in the larger interest of the Department. Very simple point is that the parents should pay their children fees instead use it as for politics or point scoring. The gentle men or the supporters who travelled from Yarkhon village to down Chitral for press conference if they paid the travel cost and the press conference money to AKHSS. The matter resolved without any conflict at that time.

    1. 100pc agreed. fare from yarkhun to Chitral would have been enough to clear dues of students. but it shows that these people at press conference wanted to point their own score. this is not good and the akhss kuragh now should not give any concession to them because if it did other such people will tomorrow speak louder and also arrange press conferences. rules should be followed and never be compromised on especially for institutional survival and integrity.

      1. I, too, cent per cent agree with Zahoor and Farid Ahmed Raza. This is an issue resulting from the commission of negligence on the part the parents of the student and they are blackmailing the institution through utter lies. The father says that he was in PTI sit-in in Islamabad, thus ignoring more crucial tasks at home at stake – that’s the education of his child which must have been his primary responsibility! Instead of staging a drama on the media they could have settled this issue through the proper channel by following the formalities ofthe organization.
        All this is not fair, too, in the sense that the educational institution has already been playing its role in giving the affected child a 50% discount as has been mentioned in the press conference as well.
        The AKESP is not a thorough charity trust either. It does whatever it can do and its contribution for access and quality of education in Chitral, Pakistan has been enormous. And so are the efforts of the principal who has been running the institution very professionally.
        The AKESP must take disciplinary action against such instances of blackmailing and undue maligning of the institution by its beneficiaries.

  15. Good to see comments of all critically consious people.please keep it check the reality of the administrators of these tow schools those students list be found out who are being given scholarship or fee remission,you will be surprised that majority of them would be kith and kins of the two people.they will reward those teachers who facilitate them in their “work”.another principle has said that nothing is free,ask him what remission in transport he is giving to the students in their name he has received busses in “free”.shame

  16. Ns Din Sahib, I am really grateful to you for what you wrote. This is the real face. I would highly encourage our journalists to be neutral and realistic in what they write. I must say, it is a very bad use of freedom of media/expression. I am from Yarkhoon and belong to a low income family. I have been through the hardship but the scholarship, the facilities, the teachers and the education provided by AKHSS is worth the hardship and the money. Show me any institution which gives as much scholarship as AKHSS. Ispa hamisha hamosh nashukur tan. Secondly, pointing out a teacher or the principal is very cheap of us. I know her personally and she along with the great faculty has worked very very hard to give the institution what it has today. She doesn’t chose her relatives or anything as teachers. There is a whole selection process. We are doing this to her instead of showing some respect and gratitude. This is not what our culture or any culture approves.
    Thirdly, I would highly recommend the editor to take off this post or tell the right version of it. This can only lead to hate and disrespect in public. Do we want that? If I was in Chitral, I would have been on street against such a post which is totally dishonoring respected institutions and people. I wonder how can the editor even approve such a post? Na sar hae na paer! Is it about fees or the goat and sheep? Very poor journalism. Please refrain from doing so in the future otherwise students can also use their power.

  17. The article presented seems quite ambiguous. While discussing a student’s issue some sewing machines and some goats distribution by Aga Khan Rural Support Program is been discussed. Actually a well plotted attack on Aga Khan Development Network has been made through the article I reckon. Well the comments from the public did not pinch me that much as compared to the comments from the students who have been part of the system was sheer shocking. Instead of making the people clear that Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh is not involved in any kind of prejudices and discrimination I can see the students pointing finger towards the higher authorities, including the Principle who has been referred as person who does favouritism and treats students unfairly. This is vague because the Principle AKHSS Kuragh is a great human individual and has great will power to run this grand institution. Before you drop any comment make yourselves clear about the situation, go and verify first. Go into the core of the issue then speak. I have studied in the system for five years and I never saw any kind of discrimination been made to my classmates who belonged to the far fledged areas, belonging to the families living in vulnerable situations. I never saw anyone being deprived from getting education in the School, being stopped from Sitting in the examination. Please why don’t you understand that AKES is not a Baitul Maal. It cannot help the students in paying the Examination Fee for registration with Examination Board. It cannot help the students in getting Uniform and it cannot help the students paying the admission fees. But Yes, it does help the students who need financial support, after making the entry tests and Interview through and after getting admission.
    By looking at your comments the people who don’t know about the system would possibly think that Aga Khan Higher Secondary School is only for the elites of the society. What impression are you trying to give? Students who belong to the lower middle class also study in the system. Students who are poor and orphans also study in the same system. They are provided with the financial assistance of Aga Khan Education Service. The story of this student is such a novel Case I came across in the entire eight years of AKHSS Kuragh.
    AKES not only supports the students in School and High school level but at universities as well. But do you think the system alone is responsible for the Fees of a student and the parents have to forget their responsibilities after sending their students school. Well this is not the case. Parents are equally responsible for the fee payment. For instance If AKES is giving 80% scholarship to the student then the parents are responsible to pay the remaining fee.
    To the viewers of Chitral Today who just got the worst impression of the entire AKHSS system! The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh is a school with great achievements and distinctions gives financial assistance based on the financial status of the family. It provides 100% financial assistance to the once who live below poverty line. Where the cases are severe and the parents cannot pay the school fee and where the cases are vulnerable. It gives 50% financial assistance to the ones who can partially afford the School expenses. I don’t think the Parent who has who has called a press conference along with her daughter, who has humiliated the entire system, has ever visited the institution and has ever talked to the administration.
    There are problems everywhere in every Social and educational institution. But there is always a panel to solve that issue. This is mere a well plotted drama.

  18. What captivated me towards the news was the name of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Kuragh, which stands tall in media for its splendid curricular and curricular activities since long and whenever AKHSS is reported it has been reported for its achievements and successes. The very first sentence of the report blames the institution for injustice which provoked me to investigate into the matter and to see another side of the coin. Here I must make it clear that being freelancer, my views never represents the institution and everyone has the right to disagree.
    Coming to the particular issue, some individual of Yarkhun Valley have blamed the school to impede educational journey of a student, disallowing her sitting in the exams which wasted the whole academic year. In the press conference, the student herself claimed that without giving notice she was stopped from appearing in examination which caused mental pressure and agony.
    I went into little bit detail about the situation and thoroughly researched the issue. I never mean to wash Lenin in public but to give true information to the readers who were misguided by the news. Reality found was very different than what is told in the press conference. The school is admitting students on merit basis after a screening test and needy students are given remission in school as well as Hostel fees, ranging from 20 % to 90 pc to all needy students irrespective of creed, caste or location. Here in the school, more than 70pc students are financially supported by the organization and even this particular student is receiving 67% subsidy from school and hostel fees collectively. If come to tuition fee alone than the student is supposed to pay 10% of the total fee. (Tuition fee per month is 3600 out of which the student has to pay only 360) Isn’t it enough support??? Despite such huge remission a handsome amount is still outstanding. Do all the participants of the press conference still believe that the organization is doing nothing for you? I do believe that with to this level subsidized fee education is almost free which readers must also acknowledge.
    Coming to the second blame that stopping the girl from sitting in examination wasted his academic year is itself false as those were 3rd term exams which never affect academic year. This one reinforcement, as a final resort, was taken just to realise them that paying fee is essential to run the institution. The decision was right or wrong is another cup of tea and debatable. I never mean to declare someone innocent or someone criminal rather my aim was to keep reality in front of the readers.
    The same institution has marvelous unsung successes which also came in media time to time but very few reader say SHABASH to the achiever!!! This year two student of the school qualified Aga Khan Medical College’s test and have recently started their education there. Let me clear the point that this medical college conduct test and seats are open in worldwide merit and no single seat is reserved for any area/person/caste/sect. Besides dozen of student hailing from the same school are now part of other medical and engineering colleges inside and outside Pakistan.
    This is the other side of the coin which shows that AKESP is offering services to the people as per its capacity. This never means that the organization is perfect one and always on the right track and one cannot criticize. Yes I do prefer critique on criticism for the sake of criticism. I am not advocating the institution or ask you to avoid criticism and neither possess the right to do so. Mistakes and faults can be there but this particular case has reached to the audience in a wrong way which I trialed in other way to correct record.
    Tailpiece: To those commenting on news items I humbly request to choose words wisely. We must not degrade someone in media using immoral words and phrases. Being Chitrali and being educated respect is our tradition and it multiplies when the one addressed is a lady.
    The writer is a research student and freelancer placed in Karachi.

  19. We should stay in our limit before blaming the presitigious sub organization of AKDN and where were we before it? We even did not know how to brush our tooth, living in black smoked filled houses, drinking muddy water, attaining education like nomads. Now we re enjoying neat water, rid of from smoke, micro credit, quality education, best health care, rescue from natural catastrophe, arbitation board for family dispute even the concept of making toilets first given so we should stay in our limit. wa kya pisa dakn murara? now our youth easily accessing to the world famous universities through scholarships so dont fire in the open air. it is easy to criticize Akdn because there is such atmosphere in Chitral where ones can easily blame Akdn. zhol khosh phismak dish.

  20. Generally it is our (Chitraliz) attitude that we will sit back, do nothing and will waste our time. If someone will strive a little and would try to bring something good to the people or the area we will stand against him and will find a thousand problems with the way he is doing it. This notion is not restricted to Individuals but it stretches out to Institutions as well. See around and you will notice a bunch of people complaining about everything happening in Chitral. You will find people complaining against Hydel Power Stations, Schools, Colleges, NGO’s etc.
    We (including me) are, by and large, negative people and lack the vision to appreciate a thousand positives and will stick to one or two negatives. In this case, the little girls father should have requested the management to let her sit in exam and he will arrange the fees in due time. He didn’t and went on to hold a press conference. The Management should have let her sit in the exam and defer her fee payment for a month or two. No Big deal. They didn’t.
    And here we should have asked the school to let her continue her education and should have offered help in payment of her fees. But No. We will belittle every person associated with that Institution, little angel’s father, the guards of the school and in due time we will start vilifying the little angel herself.
    We have grudges against every Institute, Project and Person and we are in search of opportunities where we can off-load our anger. God Bless Us.

  21. The principal should be given admission in any private colleges in chitral awarding degrees related to education. She should only be taught the sbject, “Students Counselling”. Bravo to Faryal beti, I dedicate this verse by legendry poet Qateel Shifayi to her. Dunya me ussa koi munafeq nhi Qateel….. Ju zlum Tu sehta hai baghawat nhi krta –

  22. I literally cried when I came to know that a girl was kicked out by no other than a principal like Sultana. I cried because she is a woman who had seen poverty so closely. She treaded the thorny path with great hardship and attained the position through sheer hard work. Sultana is among those who used to say with great pride that she wore plastic made ‘555 boots’ till she did her her matriculation. Despite all this reality, the way she treated a poor girl, left me with no option but to say: “Khuda Ganje Ko Kabhi Nakhun Na De”.

      1. My dear brother Mr. Noor Shamsuddin Shamsi sahib, I do not need to read anything because I know you people very,very, very wellllllll. You are an employee of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Koragh and you have no justification for kicking out a poor girl. Do you think being poor is her fault? I am so ashamed to see some of the commentators who have declared some people living below poverty line. But this is very unfortunate to note that their relatives made properties for them by stealing zakat money. They estate office is still being held by their relatives despite the death of their relatives. Is this their forefathers’ property. This is how some people have become rich and now they declare themselves as elite. They try to look down on in people. Talking tall is easy but proving oneself is quite challenging as well as painful. A handful of mafia has occupied the Imamat Institutions and their love for AKDN is not for the sake of Ismailism rather it is for the money which you people draw by stabbing at back of poor, like you did in the case of this poor girl. How much fee she should have to pay, Rs10,000, 20,000 or 30,000. Had she been a professional educationist, she could have withheld her certificate but she preferred to stop her from sitting in the exam. This is cruel and you know there people still in Chitral who even pay the fee of talented students from their own pocket. And by depriving a student from sitting in exam you have proved that your goal is to do business and not promoting education in backward valley as envisioned by His Highness The Aga Khan. People like Sultana and who stand by her are people due to whom the image of AKDN has been tarnished. I would like to request the AKES High up to hold a thorough investigation into what the principal has done to a female student.

        1. …..although i don’t know you yet let me call you in the same good way as you did… my dear kai My objective behind writing this was only to clarify that the school also provide financial assistance to needy people nothing else. You have mixed too many things into one bowl. Those all are debatable and you have the right to have your view on every matter.

  23. i have been the student of this school, I herself has observed the behavior of the head of the school. exactly she favour someone those who are close to her and opposes to whom she thinks against them. she believes more on perception rather than their own understanding of the people-students and staffs.

    1. I really don’t know which Saira you are but I don’t agree with your comment. Our staff including our prinicple is very cooperative beyond she is expected to. Mam sultana as a lady is very great personality and as a principle she manages the school perfectly.

  24. First off, I don’t get what the purpose of the article/report is? Why do they talk about the goats and sewing machines etc? It looks to me like media is using its power to raise people against educational institutions like AKES. It is not about religion or anyting because AKES has never been the preacher of any religion. Rehi baat fees ki. I do agree that AKES has to look over some of its policies if they really did what ever is mentioned here. I am sure no body is gong to suicide. I have done 4 years of my schooling from AKHSS Chitral and they have always been flexible about fees. The article doesn’t mention that how many students get scholarships from AKES. Come to AKHSS Karachi and compare the fees. Parents are responsible equally in paying the fees in time if they are sending their kids to any schools. Lets not make such minor things a big deal and bring negative image to the only good and quality education provider in Chitral.

  25. For the first time I was disappointed over the piece written by Kash Kashi. I thought she is a girl who has the guts to call a spade a spade. The way she way she tried to defend school principal is enough to make us understand that she said it all just to please an competent headmistress. The way this lady has treated the girl is a crime. The provincial govt should take notice of it and the principal be punished as her action is like discouraging girls from getting education. And very good for speaking like a ‘TIGRESS’. You are a true PTI Chief Imran Khan’s tigresses. To those who think the Yarkhunik are beneficiries of Imamat Institutions I would like to say: ‘Kabi ao na yarkhun khushbu laga ker??? Yeh mera right he meri jan, muj per eik ehsan ker muj per koyi ehsan na ker. Tum ne Imami idaron pe qabza b kiya aur muje school tak aane nehi de rehi ho, to aja Yarkhun phir ham b dekhenge???

  26. Being a student of AKHSS Kuragh this is a very shocking news for me indeed. Other possible alternatives could have been taken. This is an unexpected and unbelievable action taken by the administration. The foremost thing which a student must not be involved in is the discussion about fees submission. The motive of His Highness is to promote the talent hidden in students and I think the institution has no right to create a negative sense in people towards Aga Khan institutions. Talent is talent, is it her fault if she is born poor, is it her fault if she can not pay for fees. Only if the talented sould can not pay for tuition fees could she be send to government school? Noo!! His Highness has solutions for students coming from a poor family. Fee remission is for all those who can not afford the monthy fees. It is my humble request to my school principle and also the managment to please do not play with the career of the innocent girl. The managment I mean the AKES is answerable for all this drama. The one who is in the high post of dealing with remissions is requested to be active and be responsible.

  27. dear sir,
    First i want to reply to mr sahib noor sb that at his press conference he putted everything on AKESP and AKRSP because his daughter didn’t pay the fees. I think this is not akesp and akrsp problem, they gave us an opportunity but this is our fault that we failed to follow rules and regulations. I don’t understand why the people forget everything which institutions did for them especially in Yarkhon valley there only institutions worked there before Govt.they gave them every thing what ever they want and they needs. i-e schools.powerhouses,hospitals,road,etc so they people of chitral specially yarkhon valley dont forget these facilities which institutions gave us.
    2nd thing I want to clear that principal sahiba which she got the post on merit, parents and institution head are fully satisfied with her.because of her our more than 20 student went to aboard for exchange programme, this credit only give to principle sahiba and her stuffs.i think so more than 99% people of chitral are satisfied with her service may be 1% people are not satisfied due to their personal like dislike her. I really personally condemn ghazi rehmat sb’s statement.

  28. both the parents and administration are responsible.because the administration should have told them in time or should have noticed them. the parents should pay their children fee, if they cant afford the fee then why they haven’t admitted their children to other schools, every institution usually tell the students about the scholarships at the time of admission.and no one can force the administration to wave off their children fee because there are other expenses also.

  29. @ Ghazi Rehmat
    I fully agree with the objective analysis of the matter made by You. At the same time I do not endorse the course Mr. Noor has resorted to at all. But what the fault of the little girl? Should she be punished for her father’s sins? Fancy the trauma and agony she might have undergone. There were many other options available with the principal. One option was to let her complete her course and withhold her degree till the final settlement of fees. At least the poor soul would not have been disgraced among her friends. This attitude on the part of school Head Is That of illiterate Hawaldarni not a principal. If Faryal Is to be kicked out of school the role should applied uniformly, all the students who do not pay their fees should not be allowed to sit in the exams. The GM should conduct a thorough inquiry in to the matter and point out huge anomalies and favouritism in the philanthropists money coming in the form of free ship to the needy students.

  30. Being a neutral but aware person i keep two views on this issue… for Mr. Sahib Noor i do say ZOOL MA KHOSH PHISHMAAK MA DISH… go out with our child if the institution is that much corrupt and causing anxieties for you and your child. what i know is the institution accommodate students after an entry test so no one has forced you to send your daughter there. if fees are high and you cant pay Govt High School Bang is there for you.enjoy free education and don’t try to blackmail others. Nothing is free. i also request Noor ul Faryal, the protesting girl,who says that institution did not gave notice to answer my one question. Were you unaware that you have to pay fees after each month???? if you want to protest, do it but against your father not the institution as your first responsibility lies on your father not AKHSS or AKESP.
    Here i also clear some other things with special reference to AKHSS Kuragh and its management. i do second Mr Rustam that this high profile educational institution need some professional head who must be an educationist not a student of Gender studies and a planter of AKRSP. i also challenge the GM AKESP to prove his principal’s appointment meritocratic… she was appointed as she was member of Aga Khan National Council. From there she got back stair influence and still in the post to destroy this high institution. is she appointed for whole life??? please mercy on the institution. please
    She has started her non professional attitude while appointing her relatives as lecturer and finishing contracts of lecturers from sister community. i also request the GM to take notice of these for the survival of the institution.
    lastly if you want to see the institution alive give them scholar principal…otherwise you, your students, we and the whole chitral community will face the music.

  31. Being poor is not an issue at all. Here the issue is that a particular mafia has made Imamat institutions hostage. The principal of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Koragh had no experience in education sector. She was handpicked to head a prestigious school. She is backed by a strong lobby bent upon depriving the poor but brilliant students from getting quality education. A girl from a far flung area of Broghil should be given special attention by AKES management and the school principal. But for the lady principal the thing which matters is money and not a bright student. A principal with a background of having served in some education sector and not in any NGO would not have deprived a talented girl belonging to a backward area like Broghil from getting education. The lady principal in question must be taken to task as she is discouraging competent girls who come from far flung areas like Broghil/Yarkhun, etc. Those talking tall, saying a man who does not have money should send their girls to third class government schools, should keep this in mind a poor man is far better Ismaili than you. You have no right to stop a bright girl of a poor man from attending a quality school, saying she could not afford the school fee. I damn care whether you live in Karachi, Canada, US or even in the moon but being an Ismaili, a Sunni or even Kalash she must be given support by the AKES no matter what. The scholarships are available for the incompetent girls of those who are occupying Imamat institutions and why a poor talented is being tortured for not having the money. This exploitation of poor talented students must stop right away. And the top management of AKESP must direct the GM AKES Chitral to take the lady principal to task who is she to expel a student from the school in such a disgraceful manner, forcing her to commit a suicide. A stitch in time saves nine werna bath bahot door tak jayegi.

    1. she is the person behind the success of this institution. for your knowledge if she is not capable then do you know that in last three years how many student qualified for MBBS, Engineering and to others institutions. i think you r blaming her for no reason.

  32. I am surprised why the man does not send the student to government schools if he is unable to pay the fee at AKES, because if he need ‘free education’ govt school is the better option. Many educational institutions of less than AKES quality charge higher fee than AKES, Kuragh does.
    These institutions have been established for the collective well-being of the broader Chitrali society, it is really unfair for individuals to blackmail the institutions for their own individual interests. The AKES schools are already hugely subsidized, the same is the case with the health centers.
    Different agencies of AKDN have been the torch-bearers of development in parts of Chitral. There are still villages where the AKES schools are the only girls’ schools and the AKHS health facilities are the only health facilities. Different villages, where AKRSP established hydro-power stations and provided low cost electricity in 1990s, are still dependent on the system developed by AKRSP. The precedent is being followed by other NGOs and villages in different parts of Chitral. In the same way we should also attempt to make all the facilities which AKDN and other NGOs have provided sustainable. Depending on the generosity of Karachi is not a long term solution. It would have been much better for the individual to search for sources of funding for the fee instead of doing a press conference against the AKES.

  33. I am a sunni muslim but I have high regards for immalat institutions. All the world knows the vision of His Highness,his vision is to uplift the life standard of poor people around the world irrespective of their religious or ethnic affiliations, AKESP had also been established to meet the same objective. Children of m’y own relatives are attending AKHSS schools. Imam’s vision is that no child should be denied education because of poverty and especially those attending AKHSS schools. The school in question is headed by an absolutely unprofessional individual, who is notorious for prejudice towards a particular strata of society. Ms. Naila should not beat about the bush, this is pure administrative failure. The scholarship awarding committee in AKHSS Chitral is headed by a person whose criteria of awarding scholarship to needy students is very strange. He approves scholarships from donors money only to those students who take admission in his own privately and shabbily run hostel. The respected GM should immediately take the following steps.
    1. Appoint professional, educated Head in AKHSS Kuragh
    2. Constitute scholarship awarding committee in both AKHSS schools comprising their own faculty members.
    3. The role of neighbouring head of private school and hostel in AKHSS affairs should be done away with, so that scholarships to needy students from donor money Can be awarded transparently.

    1. you are right about the vision of Highness. but i think you have no full information about the current issue… this press conference is total self designed, so i re think about your comment.

  34. There are people who have become black mailers to get their work done through the AKDN institutions. The Ismailis think that everything should be provided to them by the AKDN institutions free. On the other hand, molvis of Chitral think that they can get whatever they want from these institutions by pressurizing them in the name of Islam or accusing them of spreading vulgarity etc etc. I also accept that many people in AKDN are corrupt and they have brought problems for the institutes because they were inducted on their current posts through nepotism and family connections without merit. All these rotten eggs often are unable to get their policy implemented and bow to pressure. I wonder if any Chitrali who sends his kids to any private school can hold such a rubbish press conference to say he is unable to pay his kids fee and why the school is not allowing them to appear in exams. My three children are going to a private school in Karachi and if I do not pay their fees for a month they send me notice and they do not allow the to enter the school.
    We are decent people and should feel ashamed that we are not ready to pay the fee of our kids and then utter all the bullshits against the AKES for nothing. All the students who have not paid teh fees should be expelled from AKHSS. This is the fault of the parents that they are unable to pay their fees. If they are so poor they should send their kids to govt schools. No arguments.

    1. They should not be sent to government schools. His Highness will die to promote talent. Money is never a hurdle in the way of education. we need just and fair dicissions from the managment. It is her due right to pursue education from AKHSS with out paying a single penny. Managment has to manage it from somwhere.

    2. Brother, You need to understand fee things first. There is a difference between commercial school that pays heavy taxes (like the one in Karachi) and an NGO run school (like AKES). All AKF organisations are tax free and the any donation given to them is also not taxable.
      To answer your question, there are many students in Sayurj Public School and other private colleges who cant pay fees and have been supported by teachers or school administration through Donations. I have never heard anyone denied sitting in Exam due to non-payment of fees in Chitral. This is the first. Although, I dont rule out the possibility of this man using pressure and his political affiliation to get things done for him but the action of AKES denying sitting an exam on the basis of non payment of fee is condemnable.

  35. Dear Sher Bahader, it is very unfair to write such comments about the humble person who has been helping many poor students including me. You can ask from all the Brughil students who are being helped by him. I am sure this particular student is also be helped. But being from the same area I know that Sahib Noor is “Do Numbero”.
    He is the person who gave AKES,P a new direction and much be watchful my friend. I wish if I meet you, I can explain to you.

  36. Rather the parents of such students are the ones responcible for their childrens current situation. The fact that they are defaulters should be all needed to defend AKESP chitral, against what people just said. “Illitracy is a misfortune, not a previlage.“ I am not paying my childs fees, and expecting the school to allow her to sit for exams…is GHUNDAGERDi in it self. Hash sareran ki AKES wa he school he royan tat ginian, ka ki he dhamkio donian. You people are the TERRORISTS realy. Some of you might be kicked out non desereved teachers barking around, and other may be some Jealous TaTToos. Shame on you people,Sher Bahader and Karim and all who are with these protestors.

    1. I don’t think you know the difference between a commercial school/college that pays taxes and is in the business of education and a humanitarian organisation like AKF whose sole purpose is to extend education (not make profit). Ask around and you will know the difference.
      I remember when Langlands was leaving Sayurj Public school he told us that there are students who haven’t paid their fees in 3 years, but I somehow manage to fund them so that their education does not suffer.

  37. This issue needs serious attention because being unable to pay tuition fees on time could not justify to stop students from appearing in examinations. As the report says that these student were stopped from the papers of 3rd term which means there precious academic career would suffer a large. It is astonishing that such prestigious institute has play foul with its own students. It should have been better if the students were given notice and take legal action through different ways.
    We all should request the school management to revisit their decision and don’t disturb the academic career of bright students.

  38. We wanna inform the general public through this esteemed online paper that in case of any suicide attempt by any of the affected students, a murder case will be registered against the general manager Aga Khan Education Service (AKES) Chitral as he is the man who has ruined the prestigious organization. The way he is running the organization shows that as he had inherited it from his from his forefathers. He does not even know how to run a school but God knows, who has made him incharge of such a big organization. I would suggest the the parents of the affected students to register an FIR against him besides bringing taking up the issue in notice of provincial government of PTI.

    1. it seems that for the first time you have arrived in Chitral so it would be good do some kind of research improve your knowledge and comment…. hava me teer na chalayenn.

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