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Why we'r killing each other?

A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Though embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied (thesaurus). qariIf we see ants with a community they make a lion skinless, if we see a bull with unity they could go upon the bunch of tigers and they don’t come to them if they see them with a group. Similarly, human life depends on group, a one house in a big area could not survive without having surrounding, because there are different symptoms like wild animals attack, and animals or other wild activities didn’t take place when there is a community. The question is where communities have been based and there is a building which form up nowadays in one year like the example of Bahria Town and others but why these wild animals are attacking us? Why our children are getting killed so wildly? Why our societies are fighting with each other? Why destroying words dispersed inside us? The answer is we have a wild animal inside ourselves, we blame others why we didn’t see inside ourselves? It is the duty of the state to keep protect the citizens and ensure a peaceful environment for the community. So in our case where we stand today? We make encroachment to block roads, we sell hashish to kill our own children, we torture our kids to get on the way of suicide and we beat them like a prisoner. And indeed they go to such a shameful act that they go on and become habitual of that beating, and for that they move to jail. So why this all is happening because of us – our self. “If you see bad activities and Fasad in earth it will be, by the hands of human” (al Quran). So the question is why we are blamed and it is answered by Quran, why our community is like that, why we are dispersed because we forgot one thing: “Hold the rope of Allah tightly and don’t be divided in groups (sectarianism)” (al Quran). We have ourselves divided us in categories with families which was made to know each other, we disturbed each other in the name of religion, we discussed each other with bad words. These are the factors which help every evil enter us easily. A community is the second name of unity so build unity, save yourself from the wild animals, they will not take a time to destroy you in a pieces Afraad k hathon mn ha aqwaam ki taqdeer Hr fard ha millat mn mqadar ka sitara.]]>

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