Unity – a due compensation for innocent lives lost


The coldblooded show of barbarism in the Peshawar school attack has, no doubt, shaken the nerves of every individual Pakistani. There can hardly be an eye that was not wet, and a heart that was not broken. Every human being, regardless of colour, caste and creed, condemned the inhuman incident of brutality. No doubt, the incident can hardly have precedents in human history and no action, however great, can duly compensate the loss of innocent lives. However, one can safely argue that this tragedy can be turned into a blessing in disguise if it brings the nation on one page. Although the anger, pity and frustration, incited by the tragedy, can lead one into complaining about and criticizing the intelligence and security lapse on the part of security agencies; but it is time to tame anger and frustration. Even if one might be justified in so complaining, but it is no time for complaint and criticism. It is time to own, trust and support them. One might also say that this complaint reflects one’s sense of ownership and high expectation with regards to security agencies. Whatever the case, we as a nation have to move a step further; and instead of criticizing the security machinery we have to unanimously support them. The gap between the public and the military desperately needs to be bridged now. The public should extend a bold, unfailing and decisive cooperation to the security agencies with regards to reporting extremist activities and movements. The security agencies should be hard, as ever, in their action against terrorists and duly avenge the cold-blooded massacre of innocent children. The Peshawar school tragedy is a wake-up call that we can no longer afford to ignore and disregard extremist activities, and preaching or brainwashing to that effect. I personally believe that although the tragedy killed so many innocent lives, but it did, surely, lend us a new life—a life of Unity and Solidarity. We need to understand now that if we remain on one page as a nation; unanimously condemn and reject the extremist/terrorist ideology; and unitedly fight the common enemy, then it means we have duly compensated the loss of the innocent lives, as well as the sacrifice of the army men who have laid down their precious lives fighting this menace of terrorism.]]>

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