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My rivals have no political future: GM

BOONI, Dec 14: Nobody, including MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin, should be worried on my decision to join the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), said former MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad. ghulamTalking to ChitralToday, he said by joining the religious party, he would not lose his vote bank, especially in upper Chitral, where he claimed to have over 3,000 solid votes. He said changing a political party was not a new trend as Shahzada Mohiuddin himself had switched parties three times. He said the provincial and district leaders of the JUI were ready to welcome him in the party. He also claimed that some local leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) would also join the JUI-F along with him. The former MPA said he would formally announce his decision to join the JUI at the end of the current month. After his joining the JUI-F, it would become an undefeatable party in upper Chitral, he added.

Instead of launching propaganda against me, MPA Sardar Hussain and other PPP wale in upper Chitral should be worried about their own political future. Aisa na ho k unko agle election k dauran din me taarey nazar ain.
He said for the last about eight months, not a single rupee development work has been launched in upper Chitral. He said MPA Sardar Hussain was just befooling the people by making empty announcements on the phone.]]>

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  1. Ehtesham Sirang says

    Jiyo Ghulam Muhammad! Hum tumhare saath hein!

  2. Topchi says

    Haji Saab, Pura Chitral Khush hay kionkay ab aap apni asli jaga phonch gayay hain.. Diesel oor Godam ka bara aham rishta hay.

  3. Obaid Ullah says

    The ex MPA has made some confident statements. He is right about Shahzada Mohiuddin’s changing of parties but he is comparing himself with Mohiuddin who has ruled Chitral for more than 30 years. GM may be dead right about Sardar Hussain who has disappointed people of upper Chitral who had great expectations from him but he could do nothing. Apart from bringing any funds he could not even speak in the Assembly the only trait in which he specializes.
    GM’s joining JUI would not be a smooth sailing as his past track record is shabby and JUI leadership in Chitral are not that naive to allow him free passage. He would definitely lose vote bank in Upper CHitral except for some of his business partners and his appointed project committee members who have eaten up money in most of developmental projects.

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