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Chitrali poet honoured

ISLAMABAD, Dec 7: Rehmat Aziz Chitrali was honoured by Journalists Foundation Pakistan with a gold medal and pride of the nation award at a ceremony at the Rawalpindi Arts Council On December 6, 2014. rehmatThe 44-year-old is a poet, writer, linguist and researcher renowned not just in his native Chitral district but across the country for his work for the promotion of local languages, particularly Khowar, his mother tongue. Aziz has also developed a software that can be used to type in as many as 40 local languages, including Shina, Balti, Pashto, Kohistani, Damairi, Gojari, Dari, Ormuri, Yalolah, Hindko, Potohari and Torwali among others. Khan earlier developed a keyboard for Khowar.]]>

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