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World Pneumonia Day observed

BOONI, Dec 1: The world pneumonia day was celebrated by Central Asia Health System Strengthening (CAHSS) project of the Aga Khan Health Service Chitral at Susoom, Karimabad. sajad karimA large number of people participated in the seminar. Sajjad Zarin, SO CAHSS project, presented a brief overview of CAHSS, the seminar, and importance of pneumonia day. Dr Amir Jawad briefed participant about symtoms,diagnosis and treatment.he eleboreted different type of pneumonia like becteriaal pneumonia,viral pneumonia,mycoplasma pneumonia.he told that coughing up mucus (green, brown, or slightly bloodyfever, fatigue, weakness, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, headaches, wheezing, diarrhea,shortness of breath, rapid breathing, chills, chest pain etc are the main symptoms of pneumonia.he said that round about 2 millon children died annually due to pneomonia.he stress of take care from cold weather and use of vaccine.Alwise abdul qayum highlited disease prevention on islamic point of view.Muhammad Sharif, Mumin Sha, Ali Khan, Sultan Shah and Ismail Shah also address the seminar.–S.N. Peerzada]]>

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