Goodluck PTI, no turning back!

In the perspective of dynastic politics and so-called democracy in Pakistan, PTI’s sincere stance for real democracy, social equality and justice is unprecedented in the country’s 67-year political history. ptiThis, only, is the reason why a significant portion of educated and youth folk has attached itself to its country wide movement. The fact that the senior politicians, bureaucrats and citizens feel uneasy about the movement is exclusively driven by the decades-long status quo in politics on the part of political parties and gross inaction and underestimation on the part of citizens. Those politicians, bureaucrats and citizens who have got nourished upon these two agents must, almost, naturally feel uneasy about the movement, because the decades-long corrupt attitude has so deeply implanted in their genes that it is almost unnatural for them not to disapprove of any change in the modus operandi of government in the country. The young generation, on the other hand, which is not so deeply influenced by the corrupt culture, is closely attached to PTI in its movement. No one can deny the fact that the future of the country belongs to the youth, who have been sidelined, by design, from mainstream politics and policy making, by the rotten-minded political ‘elite’ of the country. This political mafia has looted the country using manifold tactics. They have exploited and sold everything—be it ‘democracy’, religion, ethnicity, regionalism and provincialism—only to fulfill their vested interests. They, together, have been working hand in glove in establishing trades on all these sentiments, selling cunning narratives to the rash and irrational public. In doing so they have cunningly kept the youth of the country at arm’s length, excluding them from mainstream politics and governance, and reducing them to ‘workers’ and ‘supporters’ only. In the backcloth of this deprivation and exclusion PTI’s trust in the youth, the unprecedented weightage and inclusion in the mainstream politics and governance, has not only made the youth the strongest factor of the party, but it also has turned them into potential catalysts for radical changes in the county in the long run. No matter how cunningly the political elite and the media pose hurdles in its way, the PTI’s daring stance will surely bring about change one day. Seeds of change have already been sown in the very awakening of youth and the downtrodden mass, ripening will come about naturally. Everyone, who has the humanistic sense alive in him, should favour and support the movement. After all justice, social equality and democratic culture are the traits of a progressive and civilized society; and for us these are the traits that all sane Pakistanis should aspire and strive for. Go ahead PTI; our best wishes are with you!]]>

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  1. @ Shamsu Din
    You are mentioning that Zahoor is issuing a decree but your own father issued a decree in Zait to vote for Sardar Hussain during the general elections 2013. We have been noticing all this and do not think that people forget things so fast. While Mr Zahoor is known in Chitral for standing up for Chitralis for which he is highly regarded.. Could you stand up against your father’s decree

    1. My dear correct your information. you have been misguided. My father is of course a voter of PPP since 1970 Election yet not issued any decree. and how can he issue decree to others when inside my home there were voters to three different candidates i.e. Sardar Hussain, Saeed Ahmad and Abdul Latif. he never asked his own children to cast vote to his favorite party. I still remember and every one in Zait is witnessed that being head of village committee my father joined gathering of every political party in Zait either of PTI, APML, JUI and JI and spoke on every occasion well coming the guest representing the village. But when Sardar Hussain visited Zait canvassing for vote my father was there in Reshun Goal due to death of his brother in Law. so he was not present on the occasion and issuing decree is out of context. answer to the last point of your statement is a big NO as I am not a supporter of PPP and neither accept any dictations from any one and believe that my father never dictate me to vote for PPP.
      Although I am not answerable to you but correcting history was necessary. this is what I know about my family…now it is up to you, you can take notice and do what ever you want to.

  2. “Everyone, who has the humanistic sense alive in him, should favour and support the movement”
    waw a paradigm shift… a FATWA by Zuhoor who is always against FATWAS… oh my God where to go now as modern educated also started issuing decrees…. pehlay sai kam thay fatwa dainay walo k aap b shuroo ho gaye..

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