Some of Mulkhow's historical personalities

A few of them are discussed below: Atalique Bahader Shah Atalique Bahader Shah belonged to the Roshtay tribe and was born in the Gaht village. He was one of the prominent figures of Mulkhow. He enjoyed the following high-ranking posts of the state during the reign of Shujaul Mulk (1895-1936). I. Atalique of Mulkhow (Deputy Defense Minister) with effect from 1895 to 1905 II. Atalique of the whole state (Defense Minister) with effect from 1905 to 1916. During this period he also acted as Adviser to the Ruler. III. Governor of Mastuj with effect from 1916-1917 IV. Atalique of the state with effect from 1917 till his death in 1921. In 1920, he was granted with the title of “KHAN BAHADER” by the British government in India (Ghufran page-344-345) Lal Roshan Ali Khan Roshan Ali Khan was born in village Warijun and belonged to the Riza tribe, a distinguished branch of the Katoray, the former ruling family. The gallantry of Roshan Ali Khan is known to every aware individual in Chitral. He was a brave warrior, marksman as well as a sword man. He took part in many battles as the commander of the civil troops during the reign of Amanul Mulk. Two battles out of many are especially remarkable. I. Jang Darband. It was fought between Mahmood Shah, the ruler of Badakhshan, and Amanul Mulk, the ruler of Chitral, (Ghufran 123-124). Mahmood Shah lost almost all his men and was defeated. II. Jang Armu. This battle took place on Armu Hill near Shagram in Torkhow between Sulaiman Shah, the ruler of Yasin, and Muhtaram Shah the Second, the ruler of Chitral. Sulaiman was defeated and retreated to Yasin. Due to his immense gallantry the fort of Rech was granted to Roshan Ali khan as a reward for defending the valley against the plunderers who used to enter it from Wakhan and sacked the area through the Uchili Pass, 18,410 feet high from seas level, (Ghufran Page 379) Sardar Aman Shah He was born in Saht village and belonged to the Dashmanay tribe. He was the lieutenant of the civil force of Chitral, took part in Jehad Kashmir in 1948, attacked Kharpuju Fort and Raja Fort. In the attack of Raja fort, 65 Indian soldiers were killed and 95 were made prisoners. The chief commander of the Chitral civil force granted him commendation certificate for his bravery. Sardar Aman Shah has acted as a member of Judicial Council Chitral for four years 1960-1964 (Ghufran 332-333). He was elected twice as Chairman of Union Council Mulkhow and a member of Coordination Committee Chitral. Atalique Sarfaraz Shah Sarfaraz Shah belonged to the Roshtay tribe and was born in Gaht village. He has been recorded as one of the two most important personalities of Chitral by I.D SCOTT, I.C.S the late Assistant Political Agent of Chitral in his “NOTES ON CHITRAL” 1937 at page 8. He was nominated as a member of the civil division of British Empire in August 1920. In the state administration he worked on the following key posts. I. Major in the Body-Guard Force II. Hakim of Lotkuh III. Atalique Chitral State IV. One of the three members of the Advisory Board V. Chief executive of Malia VI. President of Chitral Muslim League (Ghufran Page 345) The name of Atalique Sarfaraz Shah has been recorded in the Government Gazetteer part II page 123 as one of the most important personalities of Chitral. (The writer is the President of Mulkhow Cultural and Historical Society. He is currently working with WWF-Pakistan based at Lahore).]]>

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  1. Just a little correction here: Riza tribe is not a branch of Katory tribe instead both Kotoray, Rizay, Khush Wakhtay, Khoshamaday are branches of Ayubia clan where Katoray had the reign of government.

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