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Another village in upper Chitral electrified

CHITRAL, Nov 15: The people of Muzhen Oveer in upper Chitral were delighted at the inauguration of a micro-hydel power station as the 55 kilowatts facility electrified their village. oveer 2The power station was set up by the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) under its Programme for Economic Activity and Community Empowerment (Peace) project with the Rs9.124 million financial assistance from the European Union. During a special ceremony here, adviser to SRSP board of directors Ihsanullah Khan and assistant commissioner of Mastuj Minhasuddin jointly pushed the button to inaugurate the facility amid clapping by villagers, who had shown up in large numbers. Haider Shah said not only electric supply would light up the village but it would cut the expenses of the people, who spent hundreds of rupees every month on purchase of kerosene oil for domestic needs as well. He said the area was short of firewood for being located at very high altitude i.e. around 9,000 feet and that power would also ease heating and cooking problems at home. Rahim Khan, a college student from the village, said he considered himself to be the biggest beneficiary of the power station as he would be able to study until late at night unlike the past when he used to do so in the light of kerosene oil lamps. “I used to go to bed early in the evening during winter on return from college but this year, I will be able to study throughout the nights of the chilly season,” he said. The adviser to SRSP board of directors asked the community to organise itself along modern lines for development in all vital aspects of life. “This project will help improve the people’s lifestyle. The SRSP will provide necessary resources for it,” he said. Ihsanullah said hydel power generation was an environment-friendly option and therefore, the SRSP had opted for it. The assistant commissioner appreciated the SRSP for rural development projects, especially hydel power production. He announced a drinking water supply scheme and appointment of a teacher to the local primary school for the village. The school has only one teacher for 110 students.]]>

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